Arena football heading to Mexico!

Rumors had been swirling that the National Arena League (formerly the Arena Development League) was looking to round out its 8-team league with a squad in Mexico.

Well that became official today, as the league announced on it’s Facebook page that a team will play in Monterrey, Mexico.

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Crazy rule changes each sport should adopt

Tuesday afternoon Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker pitched a wild idea about making kickoffs that go through the uprights worth one point. Which is actually a great idea, because kickoffs are boring and all teams do is take a knee.

But why stop there? Sports are more fun when they add crazy or fun rules that add a wrinkle or increase scoring or ends up with somebody on fire. NOTE: That last one doesn’t happen very often.

So with that being said, let’s add some crazy rules for each of the major sports.

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Ranking the referees in major North American sports

The officials in professional sports probably receive more criticism and scrutiny than anyone in sports outside of the players, and even that’s debatable.

Today I’m here to rank the officials in the major sports in North America, but please not that despite these criticisms I think officials do actually do a very good job. It’s not easy trying to make instant decisions during high-pressure situations being played by the world’s greatest athletes.

Without further ado, here we go.

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GUEST HOT SPROTS TAKE, @theryanwalsh: Relegation is good for them, but not for us

FOLKS,, it’s a real treat here at HOT SPROTS TAKES as we have our first guest HOT TAKER in the form of @theryanwalsh, feel free to give him a follow if you haven’t already, the #content is (usually) good.

That said, he has some thoughts on relegation in US sports, if it’s at all realistic and what league’s might be ripe for relegation.

Take it away Ryan!

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I played daily fantasy sports so you don’t have to

If you were anywhere near a TV during 2015 you likely saw commercials for daily fantasy sports from FanDuel or Draft Kings and wanted to smash your TV because they were on every five minutes.

You probably haven’t seen those commercials lately because both companies are in financial and legal trouble and are probably merging soon.

Well after more than a year of holding out and knowing exactly was DFS was, I decided to try it. It did not go well.

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HOT SPROTS TAKE: Western Michigan (or any other small school) will never play in the College Football Playoff

Lots of people that I follow on Twitter and Facebook seem to be #mad online today about the College Football Playoff rankings, mainly because Western Michigan is undefeated, one of two in FBS along with Alabama, and is 21st in the rankings. Well guess what, they’ll probably never get a seat at the College Football Playoff table.

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As cable and internet gets more and more expensive we’re all searching for ways to save a few dollars while still being able to watch our favorite shows in one way or another.

Some of us bite the bullet and just get cable, some will use passwords from their parents or friends to have a cable-like experience on their streaming devices, and some use less than legal means to go about this.

I’m here to review what is, in my opinion, the best, cheapest, legal way to get 95% of what you want from cable without the pain of dealing with the cable companies.

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