Terrible NFL products for women

FOLKS,, now that Halloween is over it’s time to start think about Christmas and that of course means buying presents for people in your life. I’m here to help by offering suggestions of what NOT to buy the female NFL fan in your life. I picked women’s products because it seems like the NFL really makes some head-scratching items aimed at women. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these terrible things ladies would hate to see under the tree.

*Note: All items are Detroit Lions branded but most are available for all teams


Ah yes, sexy underwear with your team’s logo on it! Ladies, wear this around the house and the only thing harder than rooting for the Lions will be your man! And in case you don’t want something wedged up your ass all day, they have about five other non-thong styles available as well.


For the goth NFL fan in your life. Listen, if people know you’re a Lions fan they’ve already seen you suffer and complain about how life is meaningless too many times. There is also a matching belt, but you get the idea.


I don’t see anything but a Lions logo floating in the air.


I legit stared at this for five minutes thinking, “hmmm Hobo Bag sounds right because of all those rips,” before I realized that it was the Lions logo.


Now we hit the worst area, in my opinion, shoes. I would like to meet the woman who owns these just to ask, “why?” Please note, these are also available in black should you want to wear them to a more formal event.


Yeehaw. Because nothing screams DETROIT! like a pair of cowboy boots with the Lions logo on them in Honolulu Blue.


What even are these? When would you wear these? I think these were a rejected prop from the live-action version of ‘The Grinch’.


Because apparently a regular team ornament isn’t enough, people have to know a lady roots for the Lions in this house!


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