Let’s check in on the Vail Powder Hounds…oh…maybe not

When we last checked in with our favorite Western States Hockey League team, the Vail Powder Hounds, things were going poorly, losing 23-0 and giving up 106 shots, well things haven’t gotten much better since then.

Take a look in the lower left corner. 30-1. Thirty. To. One. The visiting Utah Outliers scored so many times that the scoring summary bled over into the penalties section.

Two players racked up nine points for the Outliers, 14 different players had at least two points, and every player but the goalies registered at least one point.

Vail had only 14 players dress in the game, two of them goalies. I’ve skated on beer league teams that had more than 12 skaters on them.

But congrats to Darcy Flanagan for getting that one goal for Vail in the second period to cut the lead to 17-1.

The Powder Hounds are evidently so bad that the Butte Cobras reported they have been replaced for a crossover series by the Colorado Jr. Eagles.

The Powder Hounds are 1-11-0, and have given up 139 goals in those 12 games.

Once again, the WSHL is bad.


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