Holy shit they’re making an Old Time Hockey video game

Are you a fan of the movie Slap Shot did you love playing the long-forgotten NHL Hitz series back on PS2? Then you, my friend, are in luck.

Something called V7 studies is releasing a new hockey game on PS4, Xbox One and PC that is due out in early 2017 called Old Time Hockey, that is the game’s official trailer up top.

Right away you notice that it looks almost exactly like Slap Shot, down to the teams and players and rinks.

And then there’s the game’s graphics, which appear to be cell-shaded, giving the game a very cool vintage look.

The creators of the game apparently combined elements of NHL 94, NBA Jam and Tecmo Bowl into it, so it should be very easy to pick up and play, and should make for some awesome multiplayer times.

Looking at their website, http://www.oldtimehockeyarcade.com/ they reveal a bunch of other information about the game, including modes, controls, and inspiration.

There’s apparently a story mode, where you take over a team that looks almost exactly like the Charlestown Chiefs and control them for the final 40 games of their BHL (Bush Hockey League) Season.

And much like Slap Shot and supposed “old time hockey” there will be plenty of fights, including stick battles, like when they clubbed that guy over the head in the movie.

The game will also feature controls as simple as NHL 94, or as complex as modern games, and even a Beer Mode, where you can play one handed so you can drink a beer while you play.

The trailer for the game looks very promising, so count me in as excited to try this when it launches.

Again, the website linked above has all the info you could want about the game, except when the official launch date is.



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