Counterpoint: Berry Tramel and Oklahoma State are a bunch of babies

It’s been more than three months since Oklahoma State lost to Central Michigan…and then lost two more times to make sure they didn’t go to the College Football Playoffs, and yet, Oklahoma State fans and writers are still not over the loss.

Today’s SCORCHING HOT TAKE comes from Berry Tramel of the Oklahoman, and boy, did he have some BAD, BAD takes. Let’s take a look.

Berry Tramel: Central Michigan lost a golden opportunity

That’s the title, hmm, CMU did have a strong senior class this and only went 6-6, so I guess they did miss a golden opportunity at a strong season.

The biggest loser in college football this season was not Baylor and its scandal. Nor was it Penn State, left standing at the College Football Playoff door with a Big Ten trophy. Nor Fresno State, the only Division I-A squad with fewer than two victories. Nor Houston, which was snubbed by the Big 12 and then lost a fabulous coach.

College football’s biggest loser in 2016 is in the Miami Beach Bowl on Monday against Tulsa. College football’s biggest loser comes from the sleepy Mid-American Conference. College football’s biggest loser is the University of Central Michigan.

Let’s start with the obvious, first off Berry, it’s Central Michigan University, not University of Central Michigan, but thanks for trying.

Second, holy shit Berry, Baylor had a MASSIVE sexual assault scandal that they did everything to try and cover up, and is still ongoing, and yet you think a team getting an untimed down and winning a football game against a team from your home state is worse.

I repeat, in the mind of Berry Tramel: Winning a football game on a missed call is worse than trying to cover up a sexual assault scandal and defending said coach to the death over it. And we wonder why athletes feel entitled to everything.

I could stop right here and this would qualify as the worst piece of “journalism” in the history of the world, but for some reason Berry decided to continue pooping on his keyboard without thinking.

Let’s keep going.

On Sept. 10 in Stillwater, the Chippewas were given the gift of a lifetime. Central Michigan was presented with opportunity that will not pass this way again, either in Mount Pleasant, Mich., or any hamlet that houses a campus football squad.

Central Michigan’s gift? The chance to do the right thing in a world that has lost its bearings. The chance to put honor over glory. The chance to stand on the highest hill and let America see what virtue looks like.

Central Michigan said no thanks.

Fuck you.

If Oklahoma State had won this way there is no way you are writing this giving them the shame finger and telling them to give it back.

Also, this reads like every graduation speech ever. “You have been given a gift, it’s up to you to decide what you will do with that gift.” Barf.

On Sept. 10, the OSU-Central Michigan game ended with the Cowboys ahead 27-24. The clock expired, OSU was ahead. Then an official from the Mid-American Conference crew threw a penalty flag, called intentional grounding on OSU quarterback Mason Rudolph and gave the ball to the Chippewas for an untimed down.

You know the rest. Central Michigan quarterback Cooper Rush heaved a deep pass that Jesse Kroll caught about the 10-yard line. Kroll lateraled to teammate Corey Willis, who sped into the end zone for a miraculous game-winning touchdown. The Chippewas justifiably celebrated with glee.

Except the play never should have existed. The rules say the game can’t end on an accepted live-ball penalty, unless it involves loss of down. The officiating crew disregarded that exception.

God that play was awesome. Let’s watch it again.

Yep. Still awesome. And CMU still wins.

Boy, this article could use some more attempts at shaming CMU and claiming to be morally superior.

But what if the Central Michigan administration — coach, athletic director, president, board of regents, whoever — had made the decision on Sept. 11, a day after the debacle, to give back the game?

Without that tainted victory, Central Michigan would not be in Miami Beach, awaiting a game against Tulsa. Which would be a bummer for the Chippewas.

But look what Central Michigan would have reaped. CMU would have been hailed immediately as a bastion of righteousness. A place that values honor. A campus that doesn’t just talk about ideals, but practices them.

It’s a football game. CMU does value honor and practices ideals. It was a football game, not an international summit where someone decided we should steal food and money from people just because.

It’s amazing Berry could even see his keyboard with how high and smugly he was holding his nose while writing this trash.

The NCAA, the Big 12 and the MAC all said there was no avenue to reverse the verdict. But Central Michigan could have reversed it anyway. Could have called a news conference and declared that OSU was the winner. Declared that the Chippewas want no part of ill-gotten gains and that it doesn’t matter what any organizational body says. Declared that a wrong would be righted.

That’s the gift. The chance to put Central Michigan into that kind of spotlight. Do you know what would have happened had Central Michigan done that?

America would have stopped in its tracks, its mouth frozen open. In this win-at-all-cost culture, this era of scandal and swindle, all in the name of the scoreboard, a school standing up and declaring that a glorious victory wasn’t earned, would have shaken the foundations of collegiate athletics.

That’s right folks, it’s Central Michigan winning a football game on a blown call that put America in the shape it’s in. If CMU had just given back that win, crime would be stopped, Trump wouldn’t have won, and all the homeless people would have jobs and money.

I have some advice for you Berry. Oklahoma State still had two losses outside of CMU. They didn’t deserve the College Foootball Playoff or the Cotton Bowl. They lost a football game, get over it.


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