Here are some hilarious pictures of Daryl Hall just because

It’s no secret to any of you who know me that my favorite band is Hall and Oates, and with that comes the chance to view their music videos and TV shows multiple times, as well as the chance for Daryl to get himself into some hilarious situations.

Like up above, that’s Daryl driving a backhoe for some reason. I have no idea why, but there he is driving one in the parking lot of his music joint. Pure gold.

Let’s take a look at some other great Daryl Hall moments.


Here we see Daryl in the kitchen with a knife and fork, attempting to cut a piece of meat off a pig’s leg.


Here he is looking very lonely on what appears to be a bed and night stand just floating in the air.


He is apparently, and rightfully, terrified of giant drum sets.


Here he and Oates are exchanging presents. Daryl decided to hike his pants up to his ears to avoid having the bottom get ruined by the snow. Smart thinking.


Daryl is about to solve some crime. That crime? Not listening to enough Hall and Oates.


Here he is inside of the Barbie 1950’s dream home, while two random kids do karate in the background.


OK there is a ton to break down in this one. One, he’s in a leopard suit while wearing cowboy boots. He is doing finger guns. He is also apparently on a giant screen behind himself again doing finger guns in the same leopard print suit. Amazing.


Here are he and Oates after being run over by that giant drum earlier. The band seems very concerned.


Here’s what Daryl wore while attempting to plow your mom in 1978.


Here are Hall and Oates performing in front of what looks like the backdrop at every terrible high school dance ever. You know what this picture needs? More glitter.


Here we see Daryl contemplate life while drinking a green drink that has smoke pouring off it. That probably means it’s poison.


Congratulations, you are now pregnant.


Here we see Daryl on the moon up in the sky.


Like all great artists, we see Daryl knows how to improvise, this time in the form of a vent pipe on top of the roof.


After a long day, Daryl likes to relax in the fog with a glass of wine.

Thank you for viewing some hilarious pictures of Daryl Hall.


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