Random crap on my desk at work

It’s a slow work day, so let’s take a look at some random crap sitting on my desk at work.

Some of it is cool, some of it will make you feel bad for me.

PGA Tour Golf Bag Pen Holder


I like golf, and I like pens, plus this looks cool and holds a good number of pens. I have no idea where I got this.

Pop Tarts, frosted strawberry


I’m too lazy to get up early and make/have a real breakfast, so I eat Pop Tarts at work. We also have a toaster here, because only psychopaths eat Pop Tarts without toasting them.

NASCAR radio scanner


Because you never know when you’ll need to send message down to the pit crew that your laptop isn’t working.

Free Whataburger Coupons


Because the only thing better than fast food is free fast food.

Picture of ya boi and ya boi’s girl


This picture was taken at a rodeo.

Blue Central Michigan University coffee mug


To this day I have no idea where I got this, or why it’s blue, which has never been one of CMU’s colors. It is one of my most cherished possessions.



I used to actually use this when I had a job that sent me more places than to the bathroom five times per day just to break the boredom.

JBL Headphones


These are pretty decent headphones and I got them about two years ago for less than $20. I recommend them.

This has been, Random Crap on my Desk at Work. Thank you for tuning in.


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