The Gilmore girls are both terrible and selfish, MY COLUMN:

Well folks, we finally did it. Tiffany and I got to the end of all seven seasons of The Gilmore Girls, she watched them all, I probably watched about 2/3 of it, but it was a struggle after season four, mainly because I got tired of Rory and Lorelai’s shit.

To be clear, of all the shows Tiffany has made me binge watch with her, Gilmore Girls is by far not the worst of the bunch (hey Pretty Little Liars, how ya doin?) and at times can be enjoyable.

But the longer we watched, the more the Gilmore girls, Rory and Lorelai, got to me and annoyed me, making it a struggle to get to the end.

They’re both insanely terrible for a whole bunch of reasons, they’re selfish, narrow-minded, clueless, and just flat out unlikable by the end of all seven seasons.

I’m not even sure where to begin, but let’s start with their relationship lives.

Lorelai was engaged and/or married at least three times in the seven seasons, or, a new man she was planning on spending her life with every 2.33 years. Even worse, she backed out of two of those marriages, while stringing them along and thinking it could work in the future if they just let her figure things out.

Then she married the guy who she had Rory with, both cheating on their significant others in the process of getting married/back together. And then they just split up because she can’t get over her second ex that she was engaged to.

Now that I think about it, Christopher is dumber than she is for holding out hope that she was going to change or thinking that he could change her.

Then there’s Rory, while her list of terribleness isn’t as long, she makes up for it with the size of those mess ups.

First, she loses her virginity to a married man, knowing full well he’s married. And even dumber, she does it in her dinky little twin-sized bed, I mean, come on, at least have some room to move.

Mind you, this is the same guy she left so she could date the stereotypical bad boy in town.

And to be clear, the guy from Supernatural is not guilt free in this either, he knew he was married, he knew why he went to their house when it was empty, and it damn sure wasn’t to get a cup of sugar.

And then we come to the issue of her dating the Yale guy whose name I can’t remember. They dated for three years, and apparently never once in three years sat down and talked about possibly getting married or their future together. At some point, that should probably come up, because three years is not a “fling” or “casual”  dating.

So then, of course, he proposes to her, and for some reason, rather than answer on the spot she gets to go about her life for the next few days pondering if she wants to marry him and continue their charmed life in Palo Alto.

Spoiler: She says no, which she should have done the second she had to stop and think about if she wanted to marry him when he initially asked, rather than string him along, and then tell him no in passing as she’s leaving Yale on graduation day. Real nice.

I also just remembered his name is Logan. No rich person has ever been named Logan, this show is so fake.

Then there’s just their overall attitudes. Rory is mostly passive, but in that sneaky way where she waits and lets others fuck up, knowing full well it’s coming, then pretends to sheepishly sneak in and begrudgingly accept being given full control over the situation.

Oh what, we need a new editor for the Yale paper? Why? What, you want me to take it over? Why? I don’t think I’m ready, but OK I guess, sure, it’s whatever. Knowing damn well that’s what she wanted from the start. She’s a snake laying in the grass just waiting for everyone around her to fail, letting them do so, then reaping all the rewards for her “saving” the day.

She’s also an entitled brat. She tries to argue that she’s not a trust fund baby and she was raised normal, but that all goes out the window when you have grandparents who will do anything to give you an advantage in life.

New car after graduation? Check. Entire tuition at Yale paid for? Yep. Hiring the best lawyers so you get a slap on the wrist after drunkenly stealing a boat? Indeed.

Basically, Rory gets to do whatever she wants because she’s the town darling and the light of her grandparent’s eyes, and any thing wrong that she does do, she faces minimal consequences, feels bad about it for 10 minutes, then goes on doing whatever the hell she wants, like going to New York to see a boy and missing her mom’s graduation. Charming!

Oh and when she “left home” she got to live in a luxury pool house that probably costs more than any home I’ll ever own in my life. REALLY A TOUGH MOMENT Y’ALL! GOSH, WHY DOESN’T MOM UNDERSTAND MY NEEDS!

This doesn’t even mention her giant forehead and weird little baby teeth. Seriously, Rory looks like she’s 12 throughout the entire series. It’s weird.

And then there’s Lorelai. I hate her.

She does whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and never pays the price for it. Literally walks around Stars Hollow like she owns it, and she may as well.

She’s an annoying and whiny, and simply does what she wants, from taking coffee from behind the counter without asking, to taking a truck without asking, and everybody in town seems to just shrug their shoulders and say, “WELP! That’s our Lorelai!”

I get the people in town are nice, and care about her because apparently at one point she was like Mary, minus Joseph, wandering through the cold night with a baby in her arms, but stop enabling her.

They constantly give her money and food and whatever she asks for when she needs it. It’s amazing the whole town with the exception of her isn’t bankrupt from bending over backwards to give her everything she wants.

It’s her way or nothing, for everyone in town. It’s like she has no rules, and then uses Rory as the excuse for why that is. Garbage.

Name one truly awful thing that happened to either character in this show that they didn’t pay for or that had lasting repercussions. Their isn’t one, and now she has a cozy little in with great food and a daughter who gets to skate by on easy street for the rest of her life after getting a job covering Obama straight out of college. What a bunch of shit.

I hate Rory and Lorelai.

But overall, an OK show, 3.25 out of 5.



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