Join the fantasy golf league

With the year ending that can only mean on thing: the real season of the PGA Tour starts up next weekend, so we’re here to invite you to the official fantasy golf league.

It’s run through Yahoo! so if you have an account there, you’re all set, if not, it takes two seconds to sign up.

Free to play of course, but I may hand out a prize to the winner nothing major but it would be golf related.

Here is all the info you need need to sign up for our group:


Here’s the link to the group, which hopefully lets you join by entering the password.

If that doesn’t work, fine me on Twitter, send me an @ or a DM and I’ll email you an invite.

Rules are very simple, you select a roster of eight players, and start four each week, with a maximum of 10 starts per player, per session. It literally takes less than five minutes to pick a lineup and then all you have to do is wait and see how it plays that week.

So yeah, come join us for a great season of fake golf.


Leave your HOT TAKES here:

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