The best of 2016

Wow folks, can you believe it, 2017 is almost here and not a minute too soon for some of you out there.

It’s been quite a year here at HOTSPROTSTAKES, moved from Montana to Texas, re-started the site up, and even paid to have it look legit by dropping the part from it.

Folks from 21 different countries somehow found this little site (/Pitbull voice/ MR. WORLDWIDE) and we saw a record number of hits for both days, months, and years.


With that said, lets relive the best posts of 2016, as decided by you the readers with your page views.


Crazy rule changes each sport should adopt. This was a fun one that was spurred by an NFL player saying that kickoffs that go through the uprights should count for a point. I agree, but why stop there?

Let’s check in on the Vail Powder Hounds…oh…maybe not. Ah the Vail Powder Hounds. It was quite a year, losing games by 20+ goals, stealing another team’s logo and then folding after 12 games. You may be gone Vail Powder Hounds, but we won’t forget you.

On to the best posts of the year!

5. Counterpoint: Berry Tramel and Oklahoma State are a bunch of babies


Oklahoma State fans and writers were STILL mad at Central Michigan for winning that game earlier this year, even into December after the regular season. No joke, Berry Tramel said CMU not giving OSU the win was worse than Baylor trying to cover up a massive sexual assault scandal. I swear that happened.

4. The worst Christmas songs of all-time


Christmas has come and gone, but people sure were fired up by this list, and when it came down to it, there were two songs that stood out as the worst of the worst.

3. Holy shit they’re making an Old Time Hockey video game


While not working at work one day I stumbled upon a twitter account that posted a trailer for this video game. I had never seen anything like it before, basically a direct rip-off of Slap Shot and made into a video game. Still no official release date for this year, but I can’t wait to try it out.

2. HOTSPROTS TAKE CLASSIC: The time I applied to be the Memphis coach using NCAA Football 2004 credentials


This actually happened, and I actually heard back from the Memphis athletics director at the time. Needless to say, I did not get the job.

1. HOT SPROTS TAKE: Western Michigan (or any other small school) will never play in the College Football Playoff


Western Michigan (fuck them) are the darlings of college football this year, dominating from start to finish, going undefeated…and barely scraping out a berth in the Cotton Bowl, or as I call it, not the College Football Playoff. I decided I would explain why schools like Western Michigan will never get a shot at the CFP.

So that’s our list! Thanks for reading this year, and y’all make sure to come back in 2017, where we have a number of exciting things lined up.

Have a great new year, and try not to let 2016 kill you before then.


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