HOTSPROTSTAKE: The Lions are going to win tonight

First off, sorry for the lack of good #content on here, but I was swamped at work this week covering a father accidentally turning his home into a bug bomb and killing four of his children. If you haven’t heard/read about it, a quick google search of “Amarillo poisoning” should tell you everything.

But back to my HOT SPROTS TAKE. I bet that’s the last thing you thought you would see, particularly after the way the Lions closed out the regular season. HINT: NOT GOOD.

The Lions are going to win tonight.

That’s right, I said it. They are going on the road tonight and beating the Seattle Seahawks.

I’ve watched this team for 28 years, and at every turn they’ve fucked it up and found some way of blowing golden opportunities. That ends tonight.

Sure, the Packers can have their division title, but all that gets you is a hat and a t-shirt. The big thing is winning in the playoffs.

Now, I don’t think the Lions are winning the Super Bowl or even getting past next weekend, but dammit, you have to start somewhere, and that somewhere is tonight.

The Lions are beating the Seahawks tonight and winning their first playoff game in 26 years.

The Seahawks have a banged up secondary and no offensive line. If ever the time was right for the Lions to get a road win in the playoffs, it’s tonight. Plus, the Lions deserve some good karma in Seattle after the refs boned them the last time they were there.

So yeah, that’s it. The Lions are winning tonight.


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