Indoor football team makes hype video…using nothing but NFL clips

With college football season over and the NFL in the midst of its playoffs, you may not realize it, but indoor football season is fast approaching. There are a handful of indoor leagues ranging from the most famous, Arena Football League, down to regional leagues and new leagues that will start in about two months.

But regardless of what level of football your team plays, you need a hype video, that’s just the way things work in 2017. The players and fans can’t get hyped if you don’t have a video.

That brings us to the Monterrey Steel of the National Arena League, the first indoor team in Mexico in a new league with some established former Arena Football League teams, here is their video:

Alright, we’ve got some pretty good music to get us fired up and…wait, are those NFL clips?

Yep. We see a bunch of jets fly over a stadium, nevermind that the games will all be played indoors, and then we see Aaron Rodgers, following by…Mike Vick with the Eagles? OK, so the the NFL video is pretty dated.

There’s some hand-offs to a running back, then they show the arena logo, followed by the league logo in case you were confused and thought an actual NFL team was coming to Monterrey, Mexico.

Oh look, there’s Ray Lewis probably covering up a murder for someone.

And then we hit gold.

After a brief logo for what I assume is the ticket company you can order your Monterrey Steel tickets through, we get into some awesome 90’s graphics for the last 10 seconds.

An oddly shaped football helmet with the team logo, a really PlayStation 1 looking football, all on a generic field that then zooms out of some sort of coliseum-looking stadium.

So yeah, pretty good hype video. Add in the Spanish language voice-over and you have no idea what’s going on but you want to go see the Monterrey Steel!

I don’t speak Spanish, but looking at this, at no point do they mention that it’s indoor football, which is completely different than the NFL game.

But why use NFL video for your hype video of an indoor football team? I’ll take a stab at this. I’ll go ahead and assume that being a first-year franchise and the only foreign team in an American league, they didn’t have any sort of indoor football video available to them.

Next, Mexico is still very early in its football fandom, and if you show a bunch of no-name indoor guys they’ve never heard of, they probably aren’t going to be too excited. Which might explain the Aaron Rodgers part, but still leaves me very confused about the use of Mike Vick and Ray Lewis.

The Vick video is at least three years old, as is the Ray Lewis video.

That said, the Monterrey Steel start their season on March 20, so yeah, get hype Mexico!


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