My Top-5 fast food items of all-time

On Friday I was bored at work and wrote out some random thoughts, a couple of which were pertaining to fast food and how they were the among my Top-5 fast food items of all-time.

On Facebook someone body wanted to know what my full Top-5 was, so I am here to bring you that list today, starting with No. 5:

5. Arby’s Curly Fries


The seasoning, the curls, and the fact that it seems like they’re never ending, even when you get a small is enough to make my list. The Detroit Tigers used to (maybe they still do?) a promotion where if they hit three home runs in a game, you could print out the box score and get a free small fry. I did this often during college and am better for it. Just don’t look at the nutritional value. Seriously, don’t do it.

4. KFC Famous Bowl


Popcorn chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, cheese, gravy, all in a convenient bowl. Seriously, all of the items in this meal are wonderful, and combining them all and covering it it gravy just makes it that much better. And for $5 you can get one along with a drink and a cookie. That’s just good value as well.

3. Taco Bell Cheesy Gordita Crunch


Taco Bell’s hard-shell tacos are better than their soft-shell tacos (Don’t @ me it’s true) and this takes a simple taco, but adds a warm flat bread along with more delicious cheese. The weird sauce they use to top it also adds points. This is my go-to at Taco Bell, give me a No. 10, a Pepsi and a side nacho and I’m set for the night, at least until the violent poops appear from eating horse meat in a taco, but regardless, it’s delicious.

2. McDonald’s French Fries


The gold standard, literally and figuratively, when it comes to fast food french fries. When you get an order of these hot out of the fryer, you could make them an entire meal and not feel guilty about it. Salty, greasy, and a little ketchup makes for perfection. There’s a reason McDonald’s outsells every fast food chain, and it’s these little babies.

1. Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty


It’s perfect. It’s…an ice cream-like substance that tastes like chocolate, is amazing to dip fries into, and best of all, it’s like $2 for a large. Probably because it’s not real ice cream. Fun fact, it is impossible to go to Wendy’s and not get a Frosty. And if you get a vanilla one you should be checked into a mental hospital. Like McDonald’s fries, there’s a reason it’s been around forever, and it’s because it is both simple and delicious.

So that’s my list. And now I want fast food.


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