So I just won season tickets to a hockey team

One of my goals in life is to live in a town that has some sort of minor league baseball or hockey team and become a season ticket holder, wasting my life away at games on weekend’s, drinking $8 Bud Lights.

Today, that dream became a reality.

But before we get to where the tickets are and how much of a steal I got, a little backstory for you.

This past Saturday, Tiffany and I went to the Tri-State Chili Championships here in Amarillo, mainly because it was $5, you got to eat unlimited chili, and if you played your cards right, you could be a judge and get free beer.


Well, we played our cards right and got to judge the opening round, where we sampled 10 different kinds of chili and received a 16oz beer for our troubles.

Following that, we plunked down our $5 and go sample cups, and began wandering around the rest of the building tasting as many different chilies as possible before we became too full or in dangerous need of a bathroom.

After sampling my 14th chili and finishing more than a few Coors, I had had my fill and decided to check out the silent auction tables to see if there was anything worth a damn.

There was the usual crap, trips to the spa, some cooler package, custom artwork, things of that nature that will generally get $100 or so from bidders.

But there was one item that caught my eye, two season tickets donated by the Amarillo Bulls of the North American Hockey League.

Now, the Bulls aren’t a minor league team like the AHL or ECHL, but they are a junior team  (16-20 year olds) in the NAHL, the only Tier II certified hockey league in the country, so essentially, they are prospects hoping to get noticed by college or pro scouts. The average team will have anywhere from 3 to 10 Division I hockey players make commitments during the season.

There was a jersey on the table and a little note saying something like, “Up for auction are two season tickets in the red sections for the 2017-18 Amarillo Bulls season, valued at $780 dollars.”


So you can imagine my surprise when the bidding was only at $150 dollars for the pair around halfway through the event.

I currently own tickets to the Bulls, but it’s a Flex Pack, where I get vouchers and can turn them in for tickets on game night, 20 of them cost me $250 dollars.

I put down $175, shrugged, walked away thinking I had no chance to win and went home to nap and digest.

Well Monday afternoon I got a call from the organization running the silent auction and Chili Championship, telling me that somehow my bid of $175 had won.

That’s right, for a prize valued at $780, I won for $175. Had I paid full price, it would have been approximately $14 per ticket, instead, I paid around $3, and will be in the center ice seats. (Those in the red in the picture up above.)

To make a long story short, I just got two center ice season tickets for less than half the price of one because I got tipsy at a charity auction. Sometimes dreams really do come true kids.



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