My guilty pleasure: Bigfoot shows

We all have our vices and things we enjoy that people would judge us for if we decided to be public about it. Well today is that day for me, and my worst vice.

Bigfoot shows.

To be clear, in no way do I think these shows qualify as good, or quality programming, but damn if they aren’t entertaining, even if it’s just to see how stupid the people are on them.

For those who don’t watch Bigfoot shows, here’s how they generally work.

Some local yokel, think any person in the south wearing a NASCAR hat and no sleeves, says they have some “footage” of a Bigfoot that they saw, heard, smelled, whatever, and then some group of Bigfoot “experts” comes to town and investigates.

On the Animal Planet show you see above, Finding Bigfoot, they even go as far as holding town hall meetings where every crazy comes out of their backwoods double wide and tells the tale of when they had their Bigfoot moment. It’s like people watching at Walmart, but from the comfort of your own home and with way less shame on your part for watching these people.

The “experts” then determine the credibility of the stories and go out in the field to investigate the ones they deem most real or interesting.

Now, the joy in this show is not that the go out and do this, though it is entertaining the crap they do, like this:

“What do you do for a living?”

“I go in the woods on TV and make noises that I think will attract a Bigfoot.”

/date begins packing up and looking for an escape route/

No, the real joy is just how convinced that the things they do are THE way to catch a Bigfoot. Nevermind that in the history of the show they have never once found, seen, or caught a Bigfoot, all of their ways are the BEST way to catch a Bigfoot.

Again, these people are convinced that their idiotic ideas are proven ways to catch a Bigfoot, despite, you know, never actually catching one.

I shit you not, and I looked up and down YouTube to try and find video but couldn’t, one time they set up laser lights, fog machines and club music in the middle of a field thinking that would draw a Bigfoot in. Apparently Bigfoot likes to party.

And every time they do one of the crackhead ideas, they always say, “This is the best way to catch a Bigfoot.”

Which is insane, last night I made the comment to my girlfriend that I may as well throw my dirty socks out the window before bed and say that’s the best way to catch a Bigfoot, because it’s caught just as many Bigfoots as these so-called “expert” ways have, ZERO.

It’s infuriating and hilarious to see how delusional these people are, and they get paid to be on TV showing off these insane ideas, all while getting to travel to some pretty cool places in search of a creature that has never been found.

So yeah, these shows are bad, but damn if they’re not entertaining. And now you know that I like watching Bigfoot shows.




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