Ted Cruz made…a legitimately funny joke?

Regardless of what you think of Ted Cruz or his politics, there is one thing we can all agree on about him: he looks like Duke basketball player Grayson Allen. Tonight on his Twitter he made a legitimately funny comment! Deadspin asked for proof of him playing basketball and he replied with the picture you see above. It pains me to say it, but well done, Ted. … Continue reading Ted Cruz made…a legitimately funny joke?

IFL announces YouTube partnership; will broadcast all games for free

In a pretty big move for minor league indoor football coverage, the Indoor Football League announced Tuesday that is has reached a deal with YouTube to broadcast all 2017 games live and free online.

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Let’s remember the Glow Puck

This past Friday we missed the 21st birthday of one of the craziest things to ever happen in sports.

Those of you who follow hockey will probably know that I am of course talking about the Glow Puck, which debuted on Jan. 20, 1996 at the NHL All-Star game in Boston. That’s right, the Glow Puck is now old enough to have a beer. Sorry for making you feel old.

In honor of its 21st birthday, the folks at Sports Business Daily have put out an oral history of how the puck came to be.

Let’s take a look back at what the glow puck looked like in action.

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Ranking the all-star games

For the most part, all-star games are a waste of time. Players don’t really want to be there, fans at home don’t care, and outside of seeing all your favorite players there, the fun wears off pretty quickly, because it’s a sport-like substance featuring the world’s greatest athletes…playing at half speed and hoping not to get hurt.

Amazingly, this week we get not one, but TWO all-star games with the NHL version set for Sunday afternoon, and the NFL one to follow on Sunday night.

But which of the four major all-star games is the best?

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HOT SPROTS TAKE PODCAST Episode 2: Football, fast food and Young Pope

The HOT SPROTS TAKES Podcast is back for a second week, and @theryanwalsh and I debate all of the things that on our minds, which isn’t very much, in fact, we even agree on some things this week! This week’s show covers the NFL Playoffs, daring to bet against Aaron Rodgers, the Baseball Hall of Fame being weird, the best fast food items of all … Continue reading HOT SPROTS TAKE PODCAST Episode 2: Football, fast food and Young Pope

The Officially Correct Top 5 Simpsons Songs


The Simpsons has been on the air longer than I have been alive, and during that time has featured some of the most influential and iconic members of the music industry.

The legendary Danny Elfman composed the defining score for the opening credits. Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, Paul McCaurtney, Lady Gaga, and Barry White are simply the tip of the iceberg when considering the list of musicians who have had cameo roles on the show. Some performed, some did not.

But many (i.e. me) would argue that the show’s best music didn’t feature any major musical acts at all.

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