Indoor football team makes hype video…using nothing but NFL clips

With college football season over and the NFL in the midst of its playoffs, you may not realize it, but indoor football season is fast approaching. There are a handful of indoor leagues ranging from the most famous, Arena Football League, down to regional leagues and new leagues that will start in about two months.

But regardless of what level of football your team plays, you need a hype video, that’s just the way things work in 2017. The players and fans can’t get hyped if you don’t have a video.

That brings us to the Monterrey Steel of the National Arena League, the first indoor team in Mexico in a new league with some established former Arena Football League teams, here is their video:

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Introducing the HOT SPROTS TAKE Podcast

A new year means new things here at HOT SPROTS TAKES, and part of that is making sure we bring you more #content on here every day.

Today, @theryanwalsh and myself bring you the first episode of the HOT SPROTS TAKES Podcast, a (hopefully) weekly podcast where we offer up our hottest takes on whatever is going on in the world at the time.

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We need to talk about HGTV’s ‘Flip or Flop’

By now you have likely heard the news that Tarek and Christina of HGTV’s ‘Flip or Flop’ are getting a divorce. It’s a weird situation where she is apparently diddling their contractor, he marched off into the woods with a gun, and is apparently dating anything that moves since they split.

That’s all fine and good, whatever, shit happens, people need to get away from someone and sometimes a marriage doesn’t work out.

But what’s weirder is there is nothing from HGTV about this whole situation.

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Fandom 101: Rooting for a Bad Team


Happy Monday, digital friends.

This is the first post in an ongoing series I’m calling Fandom 101. For years, the people have been clamoring for a prophet to come down from on high and tell them how to enjoy sports the correct way. Who better to give the gassy, bloated, knuckle dragging public what they want than a gassy, bloated blogger from the coast?

We’re right in the middle of the NFL Playoffs, so there’s clearly no better time to reach out to those fans stuck supporting bottom feeders. Let’s talk about how to root for a bad team.

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HOTSPROTSTAKE: The Lions are going to win tonight

First off, sorry for the lack of good #content on here, but I was swamped at work this week covering a father accidentally turning his home into a bug bomb and killing four of his children. If you haven’t heard/read about it, a quick google search of “Amarillo poisoning” should tell you everything.

But back to my HOT SPROTS TAKE. I bet that’s the last thing you thought you would see, particularly after the way the Lions closed out the regular season. HINT: NOT GOOD.

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