My Top-5 ‘Live from Daryl’s House’ episodes

For any of you who know me even the slightest bit, you know that my favorite band of all time is Hall and Oates.

For a duo, they made a ton of hits and had a ton of complex sounds merging pretty flawlessly from the 70s to the 80s. Not to mention, Daryl Hall, despite being nearly 70 can still hit pretty much every not in those songs.

And if you’re at all a fan of Hall and Oates, you’ve watched or at least heard of Live From Daryl’s House.

If you haven’t, here’s the basic idea: Daryl Hall has a house in the country out in New York, which is now a music venue and restaurant. He then invites famous singers or bands to come up for the day/weekend and they proceed to jam out and play each other’s songs. Usually 2-3 songs for each artists, so about 5-6 shows per episode.

Around that they chat about life, make dinner, drink, smoke, do whatever, basically just hang out and make some music on the side. It’s a great show, and goes by pretty quickly.

That said, the show is approaching 100 episodes, so I have decided to whittle that down to my Top-5 episodes. Be advised this is strictly bases on the music in that episode.

5. Cee Lo Green

Let me start by saying yes, Cee Lo is a piece of shit person, but this episode is really good. It has a very funky vibe to it, and they play the hits, which, to be completely honest is all you really want sometimes. Take a listen to this.

These guys generally had fun singing every song. It’s also hilarious to see Daryl sing “Fuck You” in this same episode.

4. The Dirty Heads

Typically I’m not a fan or reggae music, particularly when sung by white guys, but this was good, and very different from what the show had done up to that point.

This episode gets bonus points because I’m pretty sure they smoked A LOT before, during and after this episode, so Daryl is all over the place with the lyrics. There’s a really good reggae version of “Rich Girl” in this episode also.

3. Amos Lee

If there’s anything Daryl Hal likes more than just hanging out with other musicians (see the Sammy Hagar episode for this) it’s when he gets to hang out with people from Philadelphia. What makes this episode good is they do get into some Hall and Oates deep cuts this episode.

That song above is fire. And I’m pretty sure if you want to make a baby, you just turn that on and nine months later you’ll be in a hospital room telling your lady to push.

2. Brett Dennen

I had never heard of Brett Dennen before this show, and that’s what also makes it fun, is he often brings in kind of under the radar people and then they stun you. This one, you really need to see the whole introduction, because Brett Dennen comes off like a shy, weird guy who seems very timid.

And then he sings.

Much like the Amos Lee one, this one goes into deeper tracks from Hall and Oates, but the singing in this episode is probably the best in the show’s history.

1. Chromeo

Again, if you know me, you knew this was coming. Holy shit, this one from just top to bottom works. Chromeo at times has a very 80s sound which blends super well with Hall and Oates, and the talkbox they use adds a modern element that brings crazy good modern sounds to classic H&O hits.

That’s the first song on the episode and holy hell it does not let up from there. Without exaggerating I have watched that video around 100 times.

So there’s my list, and it was not easy trimming it to five, because there were a lot of very good episodes that just missed out, like Fitz and the Tantrums. But for real, if you like music and seeing how it’s made behind the scenes, check this show out, of visit There’s something for everyone.


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