I genuinely feel bad for Tiger Woods

Welp. Tiger Woods is hurt again, pulling out of the Dubai Desert Classic on Friday morning after suffering from back spasms.

This was one day after he fired a 77 at a course where he had never failed to break par in the opening round.

It’s gotten to the point where I know feel bad for the guy, because all he wants to do is play golf, and his body won’t let him.

To be clear, I in no way feel sorry for what he did to his wife and everything that he got following that. I feel bad that current Tiger is unable to go more than two weeks without hurting himself.

As someone who has an awful back, it sucks to be in pain all day. Around Thanksgiving of 2015 I badly messed up my back moving furniture into a new apartment. For about two months I was in agony every day, sometimes not even wanting to talk to my girlfriend or leave the apartment for work because I was in constant pain.

Two months of non-stop pain was followed by six weeks of physical therapy and some prescription pain killers and muscle relaxers. It was winter, but had you asked me at that time to swing a golf club, I probably couldn’t have done it.

I feel bad because Tiger still has as much talent as anyone on the PGA Tour, but his body won’t cooperate, and without being able to stay on the course, he can’t knock that rust off his game.

You saw it during his first tournament of 2017 last week. He had trouble off the tee, but his irons and wedges were solid, and he putted very well. His game is still there, but when you don’t get the play for real on a consistent basis, it’s impossible to get better.

Try and think of it in terms of yourself. Let’s say you’re a pretty good golfer, shooting anywhere from 75-78 when your game is on. Now, your first round of the year you’ll probably shoot closer to 85, but say you don’t play again for six weeks, you’ll probably shoot 85 again because you don’t have consistent course time.

And that’s where Tiger is at. You can swing soft and in tempo on the driving range, with a perfect lie all you want, but unless you’re on the course and playing in different situations that require different stances and swings, you have no idea how you’ll hold up. And right now, and possibly forever, Tiger’s body can’t take the rigors.

For a decade-plus he was the most dominant golfer ever. He’s the GOAT, sorry Jack and Arnie, but right now, he’s your weekend hacker who gets out when his back is up to it.

It’s sad because for so long Tiger seemed invincible on the course, able to intimidate players just with his presence and red shirt. And now, other guys on tour probably look at him with pity, just hoping that the guy can walk through 18 holes without having to withdraw from the tournament.

It sucks to see someone, who by golf standards should still be in the prime or late prime of their career, look so average, not because they don’t have talent anymore, but because their body just simply won’t hold up long enough to let that talent shit.

I feel bad for you, Tiger. Really.



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