Peak minor league indoor football: New team reportedly folds before playing one game

Minor league indoor football is about a volatile as it gets when it comes not just franchise turnover, but league turnover as well.

And with that comes crazy stories, like a team joining a new league after their old one folded…then getting kicked out of the new league for not paying their dues.

Well today, we have a gem of a story out of Dayton, Ohio.

According to Last Word on Sports, the expansion Dayton Wolfpack of the newly formed National Arena League…are set to fold roughly a month before the season is scheduled to start and before ever playing a game.

Here’s the money quote from that Last Word on Sports story:

Players were called by a coach on Monday night to discuss the future of the team.
“Coach made it sound like we were done,” an anonymous player said.

That seems bad. And looking at the team social media accounts, nothing had been posted since Feb. 1, and the league had no new news about them on its website, which again seems odd given that the season was a month away.

The Wolfpack were scheduled to open the season with a road game on March 19 against the Lehigh Valley Steelhawks

If the reports are true, that would drop the National Arena League down to seven teams, and really mess up the schedules for all seven of the remaining teams, given that they were scheduled to play road games against all of them.

For what it’s worth, the team logo and schedule is still posted on the NAL website, so maybe there’s still a chance they take the field in 2017.

In case you were wondering what kind of world-class organization this is, according to the team’s Wikipedia page, they hadn’t even settled on an arena to play home games in. That’s right, with a month until kick-off, they didn’t have an arena.

Should this be the end of the Wolfpack, it would be the SIXTH indoor football team to fold in Dayton since 1999. Six. In roughly 18 years, with none of those teams lasting longer than two seasons.

So yeah, if you have some money you’re looking to lose in a hurry, start an indoor football team in Dayton, Ohio.


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