HOTSPROTSTAKES announces A&W Restaurants as the unofficial official restaurant of

In a landmark partnership that I just made up, and because the good folks at @awrestaurants are an awesome follow on Twitter and in real life, is proud to announce they have named A&W Restaurants as the site’s unofficial official restaurant.

Just to be upfront, A&W is not paying me for this, and probably never will, but with all the good will they’ve made with me online and in real life, I felt I needed to acknowledge them in some way.

No joke, in roughly a year, they have sent me four packages in the mail with awesome A&W swag. Check some of this out:


An #AWcademyawards package featuring a movie poster, bow tie, gold root beer mug, and $10 in gift certificates.

Before that, they sent me an Oreo care package, which was amazing and delicious and probably the coolest hat I own.


They’ve also sent me a T-shirt on National Root Beer Float Day, which should be a holiday we get off from work IMO.


And finally, an amazing root beer mug that will be passed on to my children someday, just look at this thing:


So yeah, thank you A&W Restaurants, for not only providing great #content on Twitter and sending me more stuff than my parents do on Christmas, but for all of your delicious food.

On behalf of, thank you. Now go find your nearest A&W and have a root beer float and some fries.


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