Old Time Hockey announces PlayStation release date, price

A couple months back we broke the news that something called V7 Studios was making a throwback hockey game that would be available for download, and remain relatively cheap.

Well, the studio went quiet for a while and published some new updates to the teams, rosters, and overall game, because as I said at the time, it looked exactly like the movie ‘Slap Shot’ in video game form.

Well they finally announced a launch date and price…at least for people with PlayStation 4.

When they initially launched the trailer and were asked about the game, developers said they would try to keep the price similar to a case of beer (since there is a mode where you can play one-handed while holding a beer) and they did that.

According to a tweet sent out Thursday afternoon, the game will launch on March 28 on the PlayStation network, and will cost $11.99.


There is even a new trailer for the release date announcement.

That’s great news for PlayStation owners, but disappointing news for XBox owners, like me, who will have to wait longer and still have no confirmed date for when it will hit XBox Live.

Either way, we’re one step closer.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the new trailer for the game after getting rid of pretty much every ‘Slap Shot’ reference. In fact, the old original trailer is now just a foggy screen, because I’m guessing the people behind the movie got mad.


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