Pizza Hut making shoes that will order pizza for you

Ah Pizza Hut, that of 4th place in our chain pizza rankings.

Well, today they have made ordering pizza even easier, as apparently the are making shoes that will allow you to order pizza with the press of a button on the shoe.

Now, before you get too excited, realize this is a promotional item. Pizza Hut is now the official pizza sponsor of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, and apparently only 64 pairs will be made, and who they will go to is yet to be determined.

Here’s how the shoes, named Pie Tops, will work, via Nerdist:

The restaurant just announced a new sneaker called Pie Tops (like high tops, get it!?) that allows you to order a pizza just by bending over and squeezing the shoe’s tongue (via Engadget). The tongue contains a Bluetooth button that pairs with a phone app, where you can change the default order and configure button-press options. The shoes actually look pretty nice too, which makes sense, since they were designed by custom sneaker creators The Shoe Surgeon.

So, basically they are like Reebok Pumps, but instead of putting air in your shoes for ankle support, it orders you a pizza. Which will probably put air in your colon from eating it.

Why you would need this, I’ll never know, but anything I guess to help try and drum up sales for a company that is reportedly losing customers rapidly.

My early name for them: Reebok Dumps.

There’s even a commercial starring former Pistons’ legend Grant Hill!



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