Team that lets fans call the plays fires coach

Remember the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles?

The team who lets fans call the plays, stormed the field in the first quarter and let a drunken Norm MacDonald announce?

Well they’re back in the news!

The Indoor Football League announced Wednesday that the team has fired its first head coach, William McCarthy, after just two games in charge.

From the IFL’s website:

“While we remain confident that we have built a championship-contending team, solidified by Sunday’s exciting win, philosophical differences pertaining to the management of the team have led us to the decision to part ways with Coach McCarthy,” Carter stated.

“As an organization, we are committed to finding a head coach that is fully supportive of Project FANchise’s model and who is excited at the opportunity to work alongside the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles impassioned fans worldwide in delivering against a winning inaugural season. We wish Coach William McCarthy the best of luck in all future endeavors.”

Hmmm, that sure sounds like the, now former, coach (rightfully) thinks the idea of letting fans call the plays is a stupid idea.

But he’s not the one that signs the checks, so out he goes.

The timing of this move is…odd, to say the least. The team had just won its first game Sunday with a thrilling overtime win over the Colorado Crush, which is owned by the same group as Salt Lake and also allows the fans to call the plays.

But one could argue the timing is right to make this move though, as the team enters a bye week and doesn’t play again until March 13, so that gives them roughly two weeks to find a coach and let him implement…whatever it is he can, since fans determine the offense.

I can’t imagine how difficult it is to have a “head coach” and then take pretty much all responsibility away from them on game day, basically leaving him to run practices.

The team will now be reviewing potential coaching candidates. Will the fans get to vote on who the new head coach is? Did they vote on firing this guy? What else do they get to vote on? I have so many questions.

So yeah, Salt Lake, if you want a guy who has head coaching experience, holler at your boy.


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