HGTV announces new plans, format for Flip or Flop

After months of not saying anything as Flip or Flop stars Tarek and Christina went through a very public, and weird break-up, HGTV has finally given us some news on the future of the show.

SPOILER: It’s not going away, but it’s not coming back in the way you think.

Via The AV Club:

HGTV’s slightly embattled Flip Or Flop is expanding beyond its Orange County roots. The network has announced that the show is getting five new regional spin-offs over the next two years, each of which will be hosted by a new couple that will hopefully not be currently in the process of getting an acrimonious divorce.

The five new cities where the show will have episodes from are Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and a to be determined city in Texas.

HGTV claims that the shows were in development before Tarek and Christina went on the skids, which…maybe seems believable because the show is such a huge hit, but it seems like awfully fortuitous timing that once their stars hit the rocks, they had a backup plan ready immediately.

“With the original Flip or Flop, we found that what resonated with viewers was the authenticity, the expertise, the experience and the results they saw in the show,” Allison Page, general manager for U.S. programming and development for HGTV, said in a press release. “Because every market is unique, there was an opportunity to highlight what works in various regions by featuring successful people in different locations who had mastered the art of flipping in their town.”

The first episode of the new show will air on April 6, and will be focused on Las Vegas, with each city getting a subsequent turn in the rotation.

While this does potentially give new plans moving forward for the show, not much is known beyond this summer.

Tarek and Christina have recorded new episodes that will air for the 2017 summer season, but the network and show have not announced any plans for beyond those.



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