STUNNING: Man who has no business playing professional baseball performs terribly (with video!)

Human reality show Tim Tebow took the field for the first time against Major League competition Wednesday afternoon, getting four at-bats against the Boston Red Sox.

To put it mildly, it did not go well.

If you don’t need to see the “highlights” of the day, here’s his final stat line:

0-for-3 with 2 strikeouts, grounded into a double play, one hit by pitch, two men left on-base, and one base running gaff.

Here are the full “highlights” from Tim in action (if the video doesn’t appear, click the gray MLB logo to open the video in a new page):

My quick thoughts:

  • He got hosed on that first called strike 3, that was low and outside.
  • That pitch he grounded into the double-play was the exact type of thing he needs to lay off of, but can’t because he hasn’t faced big league caliber pitching before.
  • I think the pitcher hit him on-purpose in the third at-bat just to piss off the crowd.
  • Holy hell, learn to freeze on a liner, there were no outs!
  • Learn to slide, if you slide on that play at first following the liner, you’re safe.
  • Swing. That was right down the middle. I know the video for the second strikeout was quick and abrupt, but that was a meatball.
  • The fans are gross for encouraging this.

The only downer in all this was he was the designated hitter, so we didn’t get to watch him try and play the outfield, which would have been a delight.

I don’t mean to say I told you so, but, I told you so.

Give it up Tim.



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