Random Friday thoughts: Part 2

Hey, it’s another slow day at work where I contemplate throwing myself out the third-floor window rather than deal with two more hours of work.

That means it’s time for me to publish some more random thoughts that I have had throughout the day and week.

For my money Reba McIntire is the greatest female country singer of all-time. Nothing but bangers.

So we hired a new guy at work and he sucks. This is his third stint at this place, and according to others, he had affair with someone who still works here.

I really want to punch him in the face or tell him to fuck off.

Pop Tarts are trash unless they are toasted.

The Washington Redskins are the worst franchise in sports, and it’s not close.

Bell’s Brewery is the most overrated beer in the world, and now they sell it here in Texas.

If it weren’t for conference tournaments, the NCAA Tournament and gambling, college basketball would be dead. It’s a terrible on-court product.

I got to work on a murder for hire story this week, that was kind of fun, mainly to see my bosses get mad that they sent the release out at 5 p.m.

I really need a vacation, a trip to the beach preferably.

Holy shit I looked at Detroit Tigers tickets last weekend for a game when I will be home in July, a lower bowl ticket in a decent section starts at $75. That’s robbery.

Most pro sports, aside from the actual games, is not fun to follow.

I wish this website would take off so I could quit my job and work from home.

I also know this website is never going to take off, but it’s my one spot to vent and complain.

People in Texas are the worst drivers I have ever seen.


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