The HOTSPROTSTAKES Bracket Challenge is open for entry!

Selection Sunday is here and we at are hosting the hottest bracket challenge on the internet!

Join and be entered to win a fabulous grand prize, one that will make the envy of all your shoot hoops friends!

Here is the link to join, the group. It is a public group, so no password is needed.

If that doesn’t work, search “HOTSPROTSTAKES” or Group ID 1628103.

There will be a fabulous prizes for the winner, probably a sweet jersey and the chance to write a post here at

Here is last year’s winner, 9 Finger Joe, posing with his sweet No. 69 (nice) Flint Tropics jersey.


So yeah, sign up now. One bracket per person and the bracket locks when the  first game tips off Thursday.

If you have any questions, send them my way.


Leave your HOT TAKES here:

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