The leader of the HOTSPROTSTAKES Bracket Challenge is…my mom

Well it was quite a weekend of basketball during the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament, so let’s take a look at the HOTSPROTSTAKES Bracket Challenge standings after two rounds.

And yep, just as we all predicted, my mom, whose entire NCAA Basketball watching for the year comes from the NCAA Tournament, and maybe a couple of conference tournament title games, is leading the pack.

That’s right all you so-called experts, a 53-year-old mom who probably hasn’t gone to a basketball game in-person since my freshman year of high school roughly 14 years ago is beating all of you.

Sadly, it appears her magic run will come to an end as she is the only bracket of the Top-7 whose championship pick has been knocked out. But still, for one weekend, you got roasted by my mom when it comes to basketball knowledge.

As for the REAL experts here at…NOTHING TO SEE HERE MOVING ON!


Basketball is bad and never gamble kids. Let this be a lesson to all of you.


2 thoughts on “The leader of the HOTSPROTSTAKES Bracket Challenge is…my mom

  1. Dang it. Sometimes I hate it when you’re right. Haven’t been to any level of basketball in I don’t know when. I may be dead in the east but alive and kicking everywhere else.

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