HOTSPROTSTAKES Draft 2: Sporting events we want to attend

The HOTSPROTSTAKES Draft is back! After our first one where we selected alternative sports video games (and that Ron won handily!) we are picking the sporting events we would most like to attend.

The rules are simple, just pick the event you would most like to attend, be it for the actual game/event, or all the things that surround it when you do attend. Events like the NCAA Tournament could be broken down into Opening Weekend, Final Four, etc.

As always, if you want to mock our selections, do it at @rovitz, @AVKingJames and @theryanwalsh.

Without further ado, here are our selections:

Round 1

Pick 1, Walsh: NBA All-Star Weekend

Pick 2, James: NCAA Tournament Opening Weekend

Pick 3, Ron: Kentucky Derby

Analysis: Walsh takes maybe the most fan-friendly event on the list, it’s a good time to see tons of celebrities, and not just the ones on the court, plus the dunk contest is awesome. James goes with the mayhem of the NCAA Tournament, which is a lot of fun and you get to see six basketball games in two days. Ron goes with the Kentucky Derby, which combines two of America’s greatest passions in one place, gambling and getting so drunk you forget how to gamble. Strong opening round.

Round 2

Pick 4, Ron: The Masters

Pick 5, James: Daytona 500

Pick 6, Walsh: Super Bowl

Analysis: Ron again starts with kind of a rich person’s event, but Augusta National is the one course we all know on TV, I can’t imagine how great it looks in-person. James grabs the Great American Race, which is always a spectacle that should have plenty of big crashes and late drama. Walsh nabs the Super Bowl, which is good value at this point and another place that features tons of celebrities who aren’t involved with the actual game. Solid picks across the board.

Round 3

Walsh, Pick 7: FA Cup Final

James, Pick 8: FA Cup Playoffs

Ron, Pick 9: Indianapolis 500

Analysis: Two FA Cup picks at the top, the final would be a ton of fun to see who is crowned champion of England in front of 100,000 fans, while James’ pick of the FA Cup Playoff gets to be really fun when a small team in the fourth division gets to host one of the EPL heavyweights like Manchester United or Chelsea. Ron’s pick is like the Kentucky Derby, a great, historic race that combines copious amounts of booze. The doubling up on the FA Cup takes a bit from this round.

Round 4

Pick 10, Ron: World Cup Final

Pick 11, James: World Series

Pick 12, Walsh: Olympics

Analysis: Another soccer pick, those fans must be a ton of fun to hangout with for all the complaining people do about the lack of scoring. James grabs the first 7-game series event, which could bring amazing drama like last year’s WS did between the Cubs and Indians, or it could end in a sweep and be very disappointing. The Olympics is an interesting choice, because you would get to see a different country and a lot of events, but it would be difficult to see it all. Interesting picks this round that all have a world flavor to them.

Round 5

Pick 13, Walsh: NCAA Final Four

Pick 14, James: Stanley Cup Final

Pick 15, Ron: Wimbledon

Analysis: Walsh again gets good value here with the Final Four pick, always a ton of fun and I imagine seeing a basketball game with 80,000 other people is a blast. James grabs the final series of the best playoffs in North American pro sports, which could be a blast, especially seeing The Cup in person. And Ron grabs another rich person event, but one with arguably more tradition than any on the list and our first tennis pick. Again, some interesting flavors in this round.

Final Results

Team Walsh: NBA All-Star Weekend, Super Bowl, FA Cup Final, Olympics, NCAA Final Four

Team James: NCAA Tournament Opening Weekend, Daytona 500, FA Cup Playoff, World Series, Stanley Cup Final

Team Ron: Kentucky Derby, The Masters, Indy 500, World Cup Final, Wimbledon

Final Analysis: Walsh gets a ton of value out of his picks, particularly the NCAA Final Four and Super Bowl. The Olympics and FA Cup Final bring international flavor to his events, while the All-Star game seems like a blast, but could lose points in some minds because the game doesn’t count.

James is probably the most straight-forward of the picks, nothing crazy or flashy, but a good list of events that should probably be on the bucket list of any sports fan. The chance to see two world champions crowned in baseball and hockey is good picks, but the FA Cup Playoff one might lose some depending on match-ups.

Ron probably has the most varied picks, even if three of the five are rich person events, but all five are certainly big spectacles that people tune in on TV to watch. The Masters is a low-key great pick. Ron could lose points in some minds because while all great events, other than the World Cup none are mainstream sports.

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