HGTV announces ‘Fixer Upper’ spinoff, start date for ‘Flip or Flop’ spinoffs, more “new” shows

The most popular show on HGTV, by a mile, is getting a spinoff to give viewers even more time to watch a pair of Texans fawn over their love of shiplap.

That’s right, Fixer Upper will be getting a spinoff that goes behind the scenes of certain aspects of the show.

According to, the new show will be called Fixer Upper: Behind the Design and will focus mainly on Joanna and all the things she does to design the house. Because we apparently don’t see enough of her fawning over all her designs and touches on the actual show.

There is no actual date for when the show will first air, but there is a sneak peak set for March 28 at 11 p.m. EST.

Personally, I don’t think I need another half hour of just Joanna Gaines bragging about all the faux-rustic touches she puts in every house, but that’s just me. If you’ve seen one episode of Fixer Upper, you’ve probably already seen every episode of this spinoff.

In addition to that, the channel also announced that its Flip or Flop spinoffs, which we detailed a short while ago, will be starting on April 6 at 9 p.m. with the initial episode about Las Vegas. The Atlanta episode(s) will also apparently air sometime August.

They also announced six other “new” shows that are really just the same show with a different title and a small twist so they can call it new. They are:

Mountain Life, which is basically House Hunters but with homes in the mountains. Premiers April 8.

Lakefront Bargain Hunt: Renovation, which is exactly what the title implies. It will start April 15.

House Hunters: Outside the Box, where apparently people will buy weird houses, which…seems dumb. Starts some time in April.

Beach Hunters, because they apparently don’t have enough shows about buying a house near the beach. Starts June 4.

Tiny Paradise, which will bring all the anger and stupidity of Tiny House Hunters, but double it because these people have the money to live in an awesome location. Starts in July.

House Hunters Family, Because it’s not enough to see two idiots argue over what they want in a house, but now their moron kids. Starts in July.

So yeah, that’s the latest from HGTV. Clear your schedules now, because with all these great new shows, you don’t have any time to leave the house or have a social life.


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