For some reason, the local minor league indoor football team blocked me on Twitter

For some reason, and I swear to you have I have no idea why, the local minor league indoor football team, the Amarillo Venom, have blocked me on Twitter.

For any of you who follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or even just this site, you know I’m all about minor league indoor football.

And I will be the first to admit that if it is a crappy attempt at having a team, like not having home games, then I will make fun of it and give it the ridicule it deserves.

But if you legitimately try to field a good product and do good in the community then I will in return promote your team.

The Venom had done this, putting together a good team and doing great in the community, even making tickets to the first game $5, all of which went to first responders and those affected by a series of recent wildfires in the area.

Well, for some reason, after openly telling almost anyone and everyone who would listen to go to their games, telling them how much fun it was, going to the first two home games and even putting a FREE promotion together for the team’s season tickets in a publication about the best local Christmas gifts to buy, I have been blocked by the Amarillo Venom.


Needless to say I was stunned when I learned this last night, and honest to goodness have no idea why they decided to block me.

I even went back through all my old tweets mentioning the team to see if I had ever said anything wrong, and nope not a thing.

I noticed it after the Twitter app on my phone would not display a quoted tweet. Here was what the team tweeted out after the team’s win yesterday over the Duke City (Albuquerque) Gladiators:


At which point I quote tweeted it and jokingly sent it to a favorite follow of mine, @albolte, who lives in Albuquerque and somewhat follows the Gladiators.


As you can see, the tweet is not there, because I am blocked.

Again, I went back and looked at every tweet I had ever mentioned this team in and none of them were even remotely bad, offensive, or critical of the team.

And if the team decided to block me for telling a person to jokingly “EAT IT” on Twitter thinking that’s bad sportsmanship or representation of the team, then they can go ahead and get off that high horse right now, and there better be zero fans at the next game, because in the two games that I have gone to, the things some fans have said to the opposing teams and refs would make what I said on Twitter look tame.

Honestly, I’m mad. I go out of my way to try and get people to go to their games despite not being affiliated with the team in any way, and that’s what I get.

The PA announcer/owner said it at the first game, we have a choice in where we spend our money on entertainment in Amarillo, and based on how they are treating me, they’ve helped make my choice a little easier.

For real, if anyone affiliated with the team reads this I would love to know what I did wrong, because as of right now, from my side of things, I did absolutely zero wrong other than be a fan.

So yeah, if you’re a Champions Indoor Football franchise looking for a new fan, I may be available.




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