The winner of the HOTSPROTSTAKES Bracket Challenge is…

Wow, what an NCAA Tournament it was folks.

Game after game saw legendary performances, memorable moments as multiple schools went deeper into the tournament than ever before.

And then the NCAA Championship Game happened, we all got mad, and North Carolina won.

But the real winner was our champion of the HOTSPROTSTAKES Bracket Challenge!

Without further ado, your 2017 champion was…


Hungry Hungry Hippos, submitted by josh.worley!

Really, as you can see in the final results, it was a two-person race as Josh and our runner-up, Kalon Fullerton, were head and shoulders above the rest of the field.

Congrats to Josh, who will win a No. 69 Flint Tropics road jersey, and will also get to post a HOTSPROTSTAKE on the topic of his choosing.

I have no idea who Mr. Worley is, or if he even follows us on Twitter or Facebook, but yeah, find a way to get ahold of us and we will get your prize set up and figure out a way to get your HOTSPROTSTAKE up on the web.

But really, thanks to everyone who who joined our Bracket Challenge this year. We had very low expectations for the number of people we thought would join our pool, and to get 41 people in with little to no advertising or market is a win in our book.

So thanks for playing, and keep your eyes out for other fun games we may play here at, we’d love for you to join us.

Oh, and as for the other end of the bracket challenge…


Our good friend @Jerkwheatery brings up the rear with a glittering 390 point performance! Keep in mind that if you pick the title-game winner correctly, you get 320 points from that alone.

So yeah, thanks again for playing, we’ll see you all next year!


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