My favorite things in sports: Fan reaction videos

In this modern era where cameras are on every hip and people are constantly searching for the next thing to go viral, the sports world has been given a miraculous gift thanks to that technology.

I of course am talking about fan reaction videos, where people are recorded going crazy after their team gets a miracle win, or has their heart ripped out in a devastating loss.

The second any big game ends with craziness, I immediately go looking for the fan reaction videos to either laugh at their misery, or chuckle at how happy they are.

Here are some of my favorite fan reactions.

Kentucky loses to North Carolina at the buzzer (2017)

Holy shit, this is just art. It almost has it all, fans thinking their team is going to complete the miracle comeback (nevermind that the 3-pointer only tied the game) only to have North Carolina hit a dagger shot with .3 seconds left less than 10 seconds later. It’s like a roller coaster that gives you whiplash. And anytime guys wearing basketball jerseys with no undershirt on beneath it can be made miserable, it’s a good day. This is a very strong recent entry.

Alabama loses National Title to Clemson (2017)

My favorite reactions are not group ones, but the ones where it’s some lone guy whose family has a camera on him, knowing he’s going to make an ass of himself and that they’re in for a great video. Look at this guy up there. He has it in his mind that if this play goes wrong, he is punching his TV even before the ball is snapped. The, “YOU AIN’T SHIT, YOU AIN’T SHIT, YOU AIN’T EVER BEEN SHIT,” really adds to this one. And then, BOOM, out goes the lights. I wonder how many TVs this guy has had to replace in his life if that’s how he reacts to every loss.

Blair Walsh misses chip shot field goal (2016)

This is the ultimate fan reaction compilation in my opinion. A tortured fan base that has never won a title. Fans in the stadium celebrating, thinking he made it only to find out that he didn’t. The guy not watching in the bar whose soul leaves him when he hears the “NOOOOO!” from everyone. Old men making fools of themselves and smashing their cane. Frat bros and superfans who are decked out in their gear and probably want to go get hit by a bus after watching that kick sail wide. The one where the dog walks in kills me every time. This one gets bonus points because I hate the Vikings, but even without that, this is by far my favorite fan reaction. The REM “Everybody Hurts” only adds to this masterpiece.

Maple Leafs blow Game 7 against Boston (2013)

This one is like a long movie. There’s great build-up watching these guys get hyped with each goal that extends the Toronto lead. And then Boston starts scoring. And keeps scoring. And then rips their hearts out with a Game 7 overtime winner.

Auburn Kick Six to win the Iron Bowl (2013)

On the other side of all the heartbreak there are sometimes good reactions of fans going wild over their win. And none will ever top Auburn returning a missed field goal 109-yards to beat Alabama in the 2013 Iron Bowl. Making it more fun is they are going bonkers in front of Alabama fans in most of these clips. Unless you’re in Alabama fan, it’s almost impossible not to smile at how happy these people are. My favorites are the guy with the tube TV (IN 2013!) who suddenly loves his kids again because Auburn won, and the basketball arena full of people going insane.

So yeah, never stop making fan reaction videos, and please keep sending them my way so I can laugh at them.


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