Women’s Hockey wins Biggest Battle in Team History, and Pretty Important Game, All At Once.


Catch your breath yet? Or maybe you replayed Hilary Knight’s OT-Winner over and over and over and over and over again like I did, with tears in the eyes.

Team USA Women just went out, swept the entire World’s cycle, and took home the Gold Medal on home soil in Plymouth, Michigan.

Far and away their biggest win in team history.

And I’m not talking about the 71 minute affair they just took from Hockey Canada Women’s.

The American Women’s team needed to do exactly what they just did to international competition, and show them how the United States plays hockey.

More importantly, they needed this to show the United States how our Women play hockey.

After a deplorable, embarrassing retaliation and lack of support from USA Hockey and the populous of men in general around the U.S., the Women finally got the backing they deserved from Senators, the USA Hockey Men’s team, and organizations all around the country, forcing USA Hockey to HAVE to actually listen and give these women the absolute least they deserve.

There should NEVER have been a chance of these player’s being replaced. This situation should not have had to blow up into what it was, as a black eye on USA Hockey for showing its lack of initial support of such a vital part of its organization: the endlessly successful and talented women’s team.

The American Women didn’t just wipe the floor with the world competition and play a masterful Worlds, they just gave the biggest figurative middle finger to USA Hockey’s lack of support, and anybody who doubted their talent and abilities.

Good morning, good afternoon, and good Knight Women’s Worlds.

(Photo Credit: The Ice Garden)


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