Great Moments in Sports Movie History: Reba McIntire plays a race car driver in ‘Little Rascals’


Athletes want to be musicians/movie stars, and musicians and movie stars want to be athletes.

Sometimes in movies that fantasy becomes reality if only for a little bit.

Today, we take a trip down memory lane and recall a legendary scene from the classic sports movie ‘Little Rascals’ where county music legend Reba McIntire plays a race car driver.

For those who haven’t seen it, ‘Little Rascals’ is a kids version of the ‘Fast and Furious’ series.

A bunch of criminals drive around in stolen cars and have illegal street races for a bunch of money, all while trying to impress a girl. And then there’s the ‘Fast and Furious’ series! It’s wild stuff, and if there was a decent video of the racing scene in ‘Little Rascals’ I’d link to it, but there’s not and that’s not why we’re here.

We’re here to remember that (SPOILER) after the heroes win the race and the money, county music star Reba McIntire for some reason plays a race car driver than hands out the trophy and the money.

Let’s roll the tape.

23 seconds: Reba says, to an eight-year-old mind you, “Is that a cowlick or are you just happy to see me?” So yeah, Reba’s first line is a not-so-subtle penis joke in a kid’s movie. Amazing.

32 Seconds: Alfalfa says, “Don’t take this personal lady…” as the boys of 1992 show how much the respect women.

40 Seconds: The boys express their disappointment that driver AJ Ferguson wasn’t there to give them a trophy. Because you see, before Danica Patrick came along, women weren’t allowed to race cars.

51 Seconds: OH SHIT REBA IS AJ FERGUSON! What a reveal. Seriously one of the five greatest plot twist/character reveals in the history of sports movies

1 Minute: Reba lays one on Spanky, who suddenly decides that girls are good because this particular one is the best race car driver in the world.

The scene then ends with Reba letting out a big, weird smile as a bunch of old people sit in the bleachers at the finish line of a kid’s Go Kart race for some reason. Truly the greatest 70 seconds in sports cinema history and arguably the greatest prize ever received for winning a race.

Honestly, I’d like to know what into the casting of this movie. Not only does Reba have an appearance, Donald Trump also shows up to play an asshole millionaire who gives his bratty son whatever he wants. My how things have changed.

But back to Reba. Let’s say you’re making this movie, how do you land on Reba as your race car driver for this? “Hmm she’s a great singer who as far as I know has never raced cars in her life, she’d be perfect!” At least have her sing a song to close out the movie or something, don’t just trot out one of the five greatest female country singers of all-time and only have her give out a trophy and a mayonnaise jar full of cash, because apparently this movie was filmed in backwoods Louisiana.

Sadly, Reba was not only robbed of the Best Supporting Supporting Actress Academy Award, she wasn’t even nominated! But her 70 seconds of fame lives on forever here.

Thank you for joining us for “Great Moments in Sports Movie History.”



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