Tim Tebow is the best news for Baseball in Years (Isn’t that annoying?)

In his first professional baseball at-bat, former NFL playoff game winning quarterback and for some reason ESPN broadcaster Tim Tebow, hit a home run.

The rest they say, is history.

Did anyone really believe that Tebow would actually seriously play baseball? Remember those videos of him jacking dingers in an exclusive BP? Remember when he had one of the ugliest looking swing forms I can recall?

Yup. The ugly duckling somehow is playing for the Columbia Fireflies, the New York Mets’ Class-A professional baseball, and that is the dumbest thing ever.

I love it.

For all intents and purposes, I am a fan of Tim Tebow. I’ve always loved his drive and passion, and think that he might have gotten a short-changed chance because of the media circus that followed¬†follows him.

That’s not to say he was a great quarterback, or that he’ll be a good baseball player.

However, do you realize people are actually caring about the minor league baseball classes? Watching to see where Tebow will go?

When was the last time we had a legitimate discussion on the legitimacy of a player in Class-A baseball? Where promotions range from Star Wars Night to Professional Wrestling Firework Shows hosted by Guy Fieri (if this hasn’t actually been done yet, I’m shocked and appalled).

There was a guy in my Human Developmental Functions class who said “Hey buddy” to me one day, and won a Class-A Midwest League Championship the next. ¬†It’s minor league baseball, for God’s sake.

Heretics aside, I love all things minor league. They’re loose, unembarassed, and looking for publicity. Unlike players of these leagues. Did you know there’s a team in minor league baseball called the Akron Rubber Ducks? The Topeka Train Robbers? You work your whole life to perfect your craft, just to say you’re a Train Robber?

Is that a mason jar as an alternate logo? Definitely minor league.

That’s all kinds of awesome. Don’t even get me started on Independent Leagues of baseball, because I think James H. Jimenez and I could do a full column on them.

What does any of this matter? We’re loosely talking about baseball, and I’m legitimately excited about it. People are actually freely discussing and arguing about if Tebow should or shouldn’t be playing, and that’s people who don’t even care about baseball.

For God’s sake, I am a collegiate baseball broadcaster, and I hate talking about baseball.

Baseball Conservationists, who want to keep the unwritten rules and keep baseball as exciting as watching a game on the radio before World War II, are what is killing this game. Baseball is hardly a sport at times, and I’m not going to say I know how to fix drawn out games or make the game faster or more exciting.

I will say though, having someone as polarizing and unenthusiastic by others opinions like Tebow has been since is “scouts only” batting practice, is really fun.

And hey, at the end of the day, aren’t sports, and especially at the minor league level, all about the fun? Tebow isn’t ruining the game, he’s just adding a fresh storyline.

If he can keep polarizing people and having at least some success, this story only gets better and better. Two home runs thus far for the prodigal son?

It’s Tebow Teeball Time.


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