More proof that Stevie Wonder isn’t blind


One could argue that there’s not a more famous Motown musician than Stevie Wonder, there’s no debating the merits of his music and his place among the all-time greats.

But the man can see. There’s no denying that either. Here is even more proof.

Now, we all have our crazy conspiracies we believe in or want to think are true, but there is no denying this one. There is plenty of research out there suggesting and proving that he can see.

Here is even more proof that he can, courtesy of this video clip featuring an interview with Charlie Murphy (RIP).


First, he’s boxing. There is no way a blind man would ever get into a boxing ring and spar with someone unless they wanted to get their ass beaten that day.

And then he grabs a Frisbee that someone tosses from across the room! There’s two reasons you caught a Frisbee, you saw it coming, and you have hands. We already know Stevie has some of the best hands in the business from the way he tickles the ivory, but him catching that Frisbee is even more proof that he can see.

Stevie, give it up my man. We all know you can see. There’s no shame in admitting that.

As always, #StayWoke everybody.



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