The Fruit Loops Shake from Burger King is out today


Burger King, probably the worst fast food chain on the planet, is out and trying to crash the trash food market with its latest creation, the Fruit Loops Shake, which hits stores today.

According to The Street, the shake hits select stores across the country today and will apparently sell for $2.99 a pop.

The shake is pretty straight forward, vanilla ice cream, Fruit Loops, and something called “Sweet Sauce” because there wasn’t already enough sugar in ice cream and cereal.

The shake will apparently not be a full-time menu item, but no word on how long it will be available to customers.

Really, it’s a genius ploy by Burger King. Studies have shown that eating ice cream for breakfast might improve mental performance, and when you add in an actual breakfast item, you’re just hitting all the boxes people need for a great start to their day.

Put it this way, you could go to Starbucks and spend $5 just on a coffee and get no food, or you could go to Burger King, spend $3, and get a full breakfast that hits all the major food groups, and might improve your brain. I know where I’m taking my money.

But for real, I think this could be pretty good, but if it were me I would have used Fruity Pebbles, because they’re smaller pieces, and they taste better than Fruit Loops, but I’m sure BK and Kellogg’s have a partnership to make this happen.

We’ll report back if we do end up trying this shake, or if you have, let us know on Twitter or Facebook.


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