Today, Halo Burger Reinvents the Burger Game…Again.


Seven days without Halo Burger makes one weak. That’s what the Holy Cow logo says at least.

If you’re not from the Flint-Metro area, you’ve probably abused your taste buds by never having the delicious, fresh, American-made taste of a Halo Burger hamburger.

Started in 1923 by the genius himself, Bill Thomas, in Flint, Michigan, Halo Burger is a staple of the Vehicle City. With such menu staple-items such as the QP Burger, Halopeno Burger, and Cheese Curds, it’s all you need in a quick-service restaurant. Honestly. I consider myself a pretty legitimate hamburger connoisseur, and Halo Burger is far-and-away the best hamburger chain I’ve ever had.

Well, today…today they unleash something called the Dre Burger, developed and created by…Andre Drummond of the Detroit Pistons?

You really can’t make this stuff up. Andre Drummond is the first official celebrity spokesperson of the Southeast Michigan-based company, and he has created one of the most unholy masterpieces of modern day hamburgers.

Let’s breakdown the Dre Burger, layer-by-layer:

Fresh Baked Sesame Seed Bun: Halo Burger doesn’t mess around and disregard the importance of buns, hun. They’re durable and tasty. This monster has three.

Crispy/Raw Onion Ring: Alright, I’ve never heard of a raw onion ring on a hamburger…but any burger with TWO onion rings on it has potential. Onion rings are kings. Takes me back to the Burger King Rodeo Burger.

Grilled Pineapple: Yeah baby. Sign me up. I’m a huge pineapple advocate. Grilled pineapple especially are a-okay with me. And yes, I am a pineapple on pizza heathen.

Two All-Beef Patties: These buggers taste like they were really grilled with a touch of care. And some spices. These hold up strong and are a well-cooked medium. Oh yeah, hey Wendy’s…they’re never frozen either.

Savory Bacon Strips: The previous statement is presented with only a drool-covered comment.

Two Slices of Melted American Cheese: The addition of the word…melted…that’s a big key to making this sound great. You know that patty’ll be covered.

BBQ Sauce: Okay this is a Hawaiian Pizza Rodeo burger. I’m not close to mad.

Halo Sauce: Zoinks. A special sauce. If it mixes well with BBQ, which really almost anything can, I’m ready.


For all this content, what’re we looking at for price?

Well, it is a bit…pricier. $5 for the creation, $7.69 for the combo (drink and some dang good french fries), which, honestly from Halo Burger and for what you’re getting, this price is definitely worth it. You’re hearing that from a poor college student.

Okay, aside from the fact that I’m a Halo Head, why does this matter?

Well, according to the MLive article regarding the burger,

A Dre Burger launch event is set for Saturday, May 6 as a benefit for the Special Olympics of Flint. The site and time are still being worked out but Drummond will be in Flint to join the party.

Halo Burger has agreed to donate $1 for each Dre Burger sold in May for the local organization. Drummond will also participate in a basketball clinic for the Special Olympics kids and has agreed to serve as a DJ. The celebration is open to the public and will include free Dre Burgers for the first 100 to show up. Games, bounce houses and more family fun activities will also be available.

This is awesome. Any company that gives back to the local community and wants to raise community awareness is good in my book. Expect to find me at this event with burgers in hand.

Personally, basketball and sports aside, I’m a MASSIVE Andre Drummond fan. In September 2016, he came up to Central Michigan University…really for no reason besides CMU Football upset Oklahoma State.

He represented CMU on the ESPN3 broadcast (didn’t go here), called a touchdown for ESPN3 (plays basketball), and just seemed like he was soaking up the environment and community. He pre-gamed and tailgated with students, and was just accessible to be around.

At night, he was the guest DJ at the local sinbin dance club, Wayside Central, and he was a riot. You could tell he was loving it. He stayed a whole ‘nother day in Mount Pleasant.

Pictured: Drummond (top) my fat head (bottom)

Say what you will about Drummond, but he’s a quality guy in my book, and knows how to have a good time. Halo Burger got the right person to represent their brand, because Drummond knows what Halo Burger’s brand is really about.

Anyway, I’m starving for Halo Burger now. I think I’ll have to grab it on the way back to CMU.


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