Oklahoma State is STILL red, mad, and nude online that they lost to CMU

Oklahoma State, who at last check said that CMU not giving back a win over the Cowboys was worse than an institutional rape scandal at Baylor, is STILL salty over losing to the mighty Chippewas back on September 10.

Today, @BP_State tweeted a picture of Oklahoma State’s Alamo Bowl rings:

A fine enough looking ring. But look closer.

They list their record as 11-2. When on the school website, and everywhere else in the world, it was 10-3.


Gee, that’s weird. I wonder why that is.

Oh wait a minute.

That’s right. Oklahoma State STILL thinks they won this game, and are still so bitter about it that they put it on their damn rings as a win, even though, you know, they lost.

Let’s admit, yes, the refs made a mistake, but you know what, make a damn tackle. Knock the ball down. Do something so a team doesn’t win on a miracle play like that, because guess what, it’s a win for the Chippewas.

Let’s see what the school’s website says about the game.


Oh, a loss!

Seriously, get over it. It’s been more than six months, she’s not calling you back. Move on. It didn’t stop you from anything other than playing in a slightly different bowl game.

East shit Oklahoma State. Fire Up Chips, 30-27.


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