The time I turned down a job to watch the NFL Draft


The NFL Draft is tonight, where dreams football players have had since they were a little kid will come true, and your favorite team will mess it up by taking the wrong player. Seriously, it happens to every team but the ones everyone hates.

Anyway, with the Draft being tonight I figured I would tell you my favorite personal NFL Draft story, because why the hell not.

It’s around 2006 or so, I am close to finishing up my junior year of high school. As most teenagers are at that point in their life, I have very little money to spend on things like gas for the car, food, or just messing around with friends.

Well, my grandmother worked at a local pizza place just to make a little extra money in her retirement, not Pizza Hut or Dominos, but an actual local pizza place where they paid you pretty good money for making pizzas all day.

Well, the owner of said pizza place was a family friend and with my grandma working there, it seemed like a natural fit that I might work there on weekends and in the summer to make some of that said money I mentioned earlier.

Well, the before the NFL Draft, when it was still on Saturday and Sunday and not stretched out over three days and a big pain like it is now, my family went in there for dinner, and sure enough the owner walked over to talk with us.

At one point in the meal he looks at me and asks, “Hey, how would you like to come in and work tomorrow?”

For some reason 17-year-old me didn’t respond with “Sure!” or “Great! What time?” but instead, “Well, I’d like to but I have to watch the NFL Draft tomorrow.”

Please note I did not HAVE to watch the NFL Draft the next day, as I was not getting paid to be an analyst or do any work involved with the actual draft.

I should also note that the owner of this pizza place was not a sports fan in any way, to the point where despite having a bar area in the restaurant there were only two little 18-inch TVs tucked away in the corners almost as an afterthought, rather than an actual TV to watch games on. His life was this restaurant.

You can probably guess the look he gave me. You know that picture of Tom Crean that seems to pop up once a day on Twitter? That’s the look.

tom crean

Needless to say, I did not show up for work that next day and did stay home to watch the NFL Draft.

To top it all off, the stupid Lions took LB Ernie Sims from Florida State who is best remembered by Lions fans for being fast as hell and over-running every tackle opportunity that was near him.

So yeah, if you ever have the chance to start a job on the weekend of the NFL Draft, take it, don’t sit at home and waste seven hours of your day.


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