HOT SPROTS DEALS: Throwback jerseys to impress your friends with

For some reason, there’s nothing so comforting as going online, looking at sports jerseys and reminiscing on looks gone by.

I do this probably about once a month or so and usually wind up buying at least a t-shirt out of the whole deal. Last month, I bought a 2015 MAC Championship t-shirt for Central Michigan men’s basketball and a 1993 NFC Central Champions shirt for the Detroit Lions. It was pretty fantastic.

Anyway, I decided I should probably hone you in on some impressive #deals or rare #finds that I’ve encountered on-line that are available for purchase RIGHT NOW. I’ve grabbed one jersey from each of the Big Four leagues (MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL) and put them here for your perusal.

My rules?

  • Nothing over $50
  • Nothing from a “modern” era (2010’s and beyond)
  • If it has the name of a role player or career backup, even better.

A #deal has to check at least two of the three rules, though it’s much preferred that the nothing $50 has to apply to all of these.

Without further ado: the list.

Pittsburgh Pirates 1990’s grey script pinstripe jersey

Pittsburgh jersey
I honestly didn’t know this was a look that Pittsburgh wore until I saw it on eBay.

At a pricepoint of $49.99 with free shipping, this just meets rule #1. Andrew McCutcheon is also a star, which is an immediate rule #3 breaker. But the true attraction to this jersey is the unique style that has not been worn by Pittsburgh in my recent memory.

Pittsburgh employed a script look in the 1990’s, with their regular jersey kits (black, grey and white) with a logo that had an oddly-realistic pirate on it in the early 1990’s. In the late 1990’s, the Pirates reverted to the more cartoon-like logo in the late 1990’s but kept, for some reason, the script and added pinstripes in 1997. The Pirates wore that look until 1999 and then I presume all copies this jersey was burned, never to be seen again.

Well, until the Pirates recently brought it back for a couple games to (let’s face it) sell more jerseys. People love their throwbacks.

Wear this and confuse the hell out of your friends, who will swear that isn’t a real jersey and then school them with this picture of Jeff Carlick, who apparently played baseball once.

Phoenix Coyotes rare green third-alternate jersey

s-l1600 (3)
This picture definitely does not do the jersey justice, but man is it peak 90’s.

This is perhaps one of the rarest jerseys in sports. Part of the revered “Kachina” jersey set that the then-Phoenix Coyotes employed when they first launched as a franchise, this green third alternate is an absolute must-have, especially with the way it employs the cartoon desert scenery on the bottom of the jersey and the sleeves.

It has a lot of character and like I mentioned, it is VERY hard to find online. I actually found this one on accident looking for old Atlanta Thrasher jerseys.

The only thing that kind of holds us back on this one is that it’s a bid-only item, which is understandable. That said, it’s $20 to start the bidding, with around $9 shipping. If you play cards right, you may be able to get this beauty under $50. Hell, I might break Rule #1 to get this item. It’s totally worth it.

Detroit Lions #10 Charlie Batch Puma jersey, new with tags

Charlie Batch Lions jersey
The pride of Eastern Michigan University with perhaps the ugliest LOINS jersey in existence. It’s perfect.

There’s so much going here.

Rule #1 is satisfied at a $47 pricepoint, including shipping. Rule #2 of being a certified throwback is accomplished, as this is a Puma brand jersey (which hasn’t sponsored American football since the 1990’s) and it is perhaps one of the uglier (or blander) variations on the color scheme I’ve ever seen. Finally, Rule #3 of role player is accomplished. This really is a perfect trifecta.

Charlie Batch, the pride of the Eastern Michigan football program, was a journeyman quarterback whose role was being the guy behind the guy in case something bad happened. Batch was a pro in the NFL for 15 years, seeing time as a starter in Detroit and Pittsburgh during his tenure. He was an extremely decent replacement-level QB, throwing for over 11,000 yards and 61 touchdowns.

This jersey is a great find for the EMU/Lions fan in your life, who will love you forever.

New Orleans Hornets #21 Jamaal Magloire jersey

s-l1600 (4)
For the low, low price of $16.07, you too can wear the look on one-time NBA All-Star Jamaal Magloire!

We’ve hit another trifecta, this time on the hardwood! We’re well below the $50 max with a $16.07 pricepoint, this is a throwback look for a franchise that no longer exists, and Jamaal Magloire is most definitely what could be considered a role player.

Magloire, a Canadian national, finally earned starting time when the Hornets moved from Charlotte to New Orleans after the 2001 season, when Magloire was named an All-Star despite only starting eight games for the Charlotte Hornets. In his 186 starts and 187 total games played in New Orleans, Magloire averaged 11.9 points and 9.5 rebounds per game.

Magloire, sadly, was injured in the middle of his third season in New Orleans and ultimately found his way to Milwaukee’s starting roster the next season. He was never quite the same after that, playing for five different teams in five straight seasons before finding a home on the pre-LeBron Miami Heat from 2008-2011.

Here’s a fun fact to impress your friends: Magloire never attempted a three-point shot never attempted a three-point shot over his entire career. That’s madness to think about in today’s NBA.




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