HOTSPROTSTAKES Staff Picks: Throwback jerseys we wish we owned


We’re in a very jersey mood here at HOTSPROTSTAKES, first James pointed out some great deals on throwback jerseys to impress your friends, and now we’re here to list our favorite throwback jerseys that we don’t yet own.

The rules were simple. What throwback jersey that you don’t own do you want most, why, and why don’t you own it yet?

Here are our selections:

Ron – Muskegon Mohawks (IHL)


I want this one because it was the hockey team in my hometown in the original International Hockey League from 1965 until 1984 when they were renamed. I never saw the team play (born in 1988), and they won only one championship in those 19 seasons, but it’s a very simple jersey with great colors and is just an overall look that you don’t see in this modern era.

The main reason I don’t have it is actually two reasons. One, that logo is…pretty racist and I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable wearing that in public unless it was at a game back in Muskegon. Second, the only place that offers it is a somewhat shady online site where it’s available for $40. I debate about ordering this up probably once a month, but can’t stomach spending $40 if it turns out to be a big dud or nothing like what they’re advertising.

James – Central Michigan bowl jersey


It’s going to be nigh on impossible to find this jersey, as it was a one-off look, but if there was one throwback jersey I would want in my collection, it would be this beauty right here. A perfect jersey outside of a few minor things that could be tweaked.

A unique look that hasn’t been replicated by any other team. The number font has a great inlay and the sleeve pattern is eye catching. I’m frankly offended this was never officially adopted.

Shawn – Buffalo Sabres red 3rd jersey


The red dead Sabres jersey.

Hooooly mama look at her. This screams attention. Swords drawn, steaming mad buffalo head, and the word buffalo at the bottom. This is sick, plain and simple. You can hear players like Maxim Afinogenov scoring unbelievable goals, and players like Satan have his name properly pronounced Shuh-tan, but knowing with that color it should be pronounced say-tin.

As rare as it is striking, this beauty absolutely needs to be added to my small collection of jerseys. Unfortunately, it’s so hard to find, and so much more expensive when it is found. For a Sabres team that has identity as failures and is very, very, very poorly lost right now, changing something up to the likes of this would be a gimmick, but a dang good one.

I would love to see Kane or Eichel in these babies.


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