Big sports/hog news: Texas approves feral hog hunting from hot air balloons


The biggest sports news of the day, and possibly the year, broke this morning in Texas, where I now live, and for you folks looking for a new sport to get into, today is your lucky day.

According to CBS DFW, Texas lawmakers have approved a bill that will now allow residents to hunt feral hogs from hot air balloons, as one does in Texas.

In addition to hogs, hunters will also be permitted to shoot coyotes from the hot air balloons.

From The Associated Press:

The state already allows shooting feral hogs from helicopters. The latest hunting twist comes as the state looks for new ways to control a growing hog population that causes millions in damages to crops every year.

Hunting by helicopter has proven expensive and difficult to hit anything, and often scares the animals away. Hot air balloons are quieter and offer a more stable line shooting platform.

The bill requires the state to license hot air hot hunting. Texas has an estimated two million feral hogs. Their high breeding rate and lack of natural predators has seen their population explode.

The bill passed the Senate Wednesday night and now goes to Gov. Greg Abbott for his consideration.

Ah yes, the ol’ problem of having so much money that you initially used helicopters, but it scared the animals and then cost you a bunch of money because you weren’t hitting enough hogs.

Personally, I really need to see video of this operation in action. A big burly hunter with a basket full of guns, decked out in camo, hovering above a heard of big meaty hogs in a rainbow-colored hot air balloon. Nature at its finest.

So yeah, if any of you out there have been on the fence about coming to visit me down in Texas, hopefully this changes your mind. We can make an entire day out of shooting hogs from a hot air balloon.

No word on if this a metaphorical threat to neighboring Arkansas and the SEC for STEALIN’ ALL OUR DANGED OL’ RECRUITS! TEXAS JUST NEEDS TO RUN THE DAMN BALL TO GET BACK TO GREATNESS!



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