Please don’t waste your money on the Mayweather-McGregor fight


The biggest fight ever (this year) is finally happening. Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will finally take a break from running their mouths and will actually fight each other on August 26.

The fight features the best boxer of this generation in Mayweather, and the face of UFC in McGregor.

And I’m here to tell you to save your money.

There is absolutely no way this fight will live up to the hype. The Pay-Per-View rate will likely approach $100 per order, and there is nothing that can happen that would justify you spending that money.

First off, as talented as these two fighters are, they are even more talented as showmen outside of the ring. Both Mayweather and McGregor do nothing but run their mouths and talk about how great they are, and how no opponent can beat them or deserves to be in the ring with them.

And then they do some sideshow act like start a fight at their press conference or weigh-in, all to try to get a few extra eyeballs on their circus.

These two idiots are probably friends outside the ring who know that regardless of how the fight goes, they’re both going to make tens of millions of dollars on people buying in on PPV and for tickets in-person.

Second, it’s going to be a terrible fight. You have one of the greatest boxers of all-time fighting a guy who is an all-around fighter, and not a full-time boxer.

If McGregor was so great as a boxer, he wouldn’t be in UFC, and having rougly two months of training time is not going to turn him into a boxer near the same level as Mayweather. Floyd is going to mop the floor with him, and it won’t be particularly close.

And just because Mayweather is doing to dominate McGregor doesn’t mean it’s going to be an entertaining fight.

Remember how excited we all were for Pacquiao-Mayweather to finally happen? How did that go? It was 12 rounds of Mayweather using his speed, agility, and athleticism…to dodge punches. He just side-stepped Pacquiao all night, then hit him with counter shots, ran away, and laughed his way to a 12-round unanimous decision in one of the most boring fights ever.

That’s just how Mayweather fights, of his 49-0 record, just 26 of those wins have been by KO. About the only thing that could happen that might make for excitement is if McGregor somehow lands a lucky punch and knocks out Mayweather. Spoiler, that’s probably not going to happen.

It’s boring, it’s effective, he’s the best ever at it, and it’s what he’ll do to win come August.

Then there’s the hype train.

I mentioned earlier that the only thing these two are better at than fighting, is talking a good game to get people to buy in. Get ready for nothing but eight weeks of these bozos appearing on every talk show from ESPN, to FS1, to even your network daytime shows, all to act like jamokes and try to hype this fight.

It’s barely been a day since they announced this fight was happening and I’m already sick of hearing about it. Imagine how we’ll feel once the day of the fight gets here. No thanks.

Finally, you should never support anything Floyd Mayweather does. Because he does not care about entertaining you or making sure you are entertained, he only cares about himself. He’s an overall trash human who has done numerous awful things throughout his lifetime, and you giving him more money just enables that.

So on August 26, do anything but pay for this fight. If you can find an illegal stream of it or peak through your neighbors window to watch, fine, but save your money, because these two clowns don’t deserve it, and I promise the fight won’t be worth it.


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