American Arena League announces first 10 teams


With the closing of the Can-Am Indoor Football League and Arena Pro Football seasons, which…were kind of played…I guess, if you want to call it that.

The two leagues have officially begun the merger process of being the American Arena League, and today on the AAL Facebook page, the league announced the first 10 teams for the newly formed/merged league, including all eight teams in the North Division.

Here are the eight teams that will make up the North:

Vermont Bucks
Rochester Kings
Glenn Falls Gladiators
CT Chiefs
Boston Blaze
Central Penn Chargers
Richmond Roughriders
Buffalo Blitz

The two big ones are the Richmond Roughriders and the Vermont Bucks. Richmond rolled through its APF scheduled with an undefeated record and captured the first, last, and only APF title with an undefeated 8-0 season. Vermont claimed the first, last, and only Can-Am title with a 61-41 win over the Rochester Kings, who entered the title game undefeated.

So it seems like the North Division has at least three teams that are legit, while the other five are all either expansion teams, like Central Penn, or teams that according to the Can-Am Website, played five games or fewer last season. So yeah, three solid teams is a start, but five sketchy teams is cause for worry.

In addition to those eight teams, the league has announced two teams for the South Division, which one assumes will reach eight teams at some point.

The two teams announced for the South so far are:

Hampton Roads Riptide
Florida Tarpons

The Tarpons reached the APF title game, so they should field a some-what quality team, while Hampton Roads is in a big area in the Norfolk-Virginia Beach region, which supported an AF2 team pretty well before it folded due to owner disputes.

Regardless, as two minor league indoor football leagues fold, a new one emerges and with it come at least 10 more chances to rack up hilarious tales of failure for these franchises.

So, anybody who lives in these cities/regions excited about AAL coming to town?


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