Mattel releases Man Bun Ken, here are the accessories that go with it

The internet was set on fire this morning when Mattel, the makers of the Barbie and Ken dolls announced that they were releasing a whole new set of Ken dolls on Good Morning America.

From ABC News:

Mattel is introducing new dolls featuring three different body types, seven different skin tones and nine different hairstyles, including the trendy man-bun. The dolls also boast cool fashions and styles for a new generation.

That’s right, the biggest news to come out of the announcement is that one of the Ken dolls will feature a man bun, because apparently people still wear man buns.

Here is GMA’s tweet of the new doll’s hair, which looks just as dumb as you expected it would.

But it wasn’t just Good Morning America that got an inside scoop from Mattel today.

As everybody knows when it comes to dolls, particularly Barbie and Ken dolls, it’s not just about the dolls, but the accessories that come with it, and was able to obtain an exclusive list of the accessories that will available for purchase with your Man Bun Ken.

Here are just a few of the more noteworthy items:

-A towable tiny house (truck not included), $49.99

-Home brewing kit (does not make beer), $24.99

-Collection of soccer jerseys for teams you’ve never heard of, $19.99

-1950s looking bicycle built for two (friend to ride with not included), $19.99

-Food truck selling $7 cups of coffee, $39.99

-Turntable kit for weekend DJ gigs (mini records not included), $29.99

-iPhone, iPad, MacBook set, $69.99

-A typewriter, $14.99

Wow, quite a list and Mattel is sure to cash in on people who must have all of these items and even more.



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