The list of players not drafted to the Big 3 is the saddest thing you’ll see today


The Big 3 kicked off its season on Sunday, then aired the first games on tape-delay Monday night on FS1.

It did not go well. It was boring basketball featuring a bunch of old men who were either out of shape, past their prime, or never had a prime.

But one thing I didn’t realize was that the league had an actual draft. I honestly thought they just asked all these over-the-hill basketball players to come out and play 10 games, make apparently $100k, and then go about their lives once the season ended.

But no, there was an actual draft that lasted all of 24 picks, meaning there were three rounds to fill out three of the five spots on each roster. And with a draft always means a list of people who weren’t drafted, and there were some surprising names who were left out of the Big 3’s draft action.

In no particular order, here are the names of all those who went undrafted by the Big 3:

Keith Bogans
Earl Boykins
Pete Chilcutt
Ndudi Ebi
Jonny Flynn
Steve Francis
JR Giddens
Kendall Gill
Donte Greene
Shane Heal
Bernard James
Voshon Lenard
OJ Mayo
Pops Mensah-Bonsu
Chris Mihm
Jamario Moon
Lawrence Moten
Flip Murray
Smush Parker
Nikola Pekovic
Isaiah Rider
Eddie Robinson
Joe Smith
Latrell Spreewell
Eric Snow
Etan Thomas
Tyrus Thomas
Robert Vaden
Hakim Warrick
Jordan Williams

Right away the ones that jump out at me are OJ Mayo, Nikola Pekovic, Steve Francis, Latrell Spreewell, and Earl Boykins. I feel like that would be a solid team for this lousy league, but for some reason or another, they weren’t drafted.

I will now go player by player and try to explain what I know about them, and possibly why they weren’t drafted.

Keith Bogans – I feel like I recognize this name, but I couldn’t tell you anything about him. Probably why he wasn’t taken.

Earl Boykins – Too short.

Pete Chilcutt – Literally  never heard of him. And I’m sure the league hadn’t either.

Ndudi Ebi – See above.

Jonny Flynn – As our Ryan Walsh put it, this list is like a who’s who of former Syracuse guys who were drafted way too high.

Steve Francis – For a stretch was one of the most dynamic players in the NBA. Is probably on crack now, good idea to pass.

JR Giddens – Another name I recognize, but couldn’t tell you one thing about him or his plaing career.

Kendall Gill – Was the favorite player of some kids on a former Nickelodeon show that I can’t remember the name of. Too old.

Donte Greene – No idea.

Shane Heal – I swear this is a made up name or just some random guy who decided to enter the draft.

Bernard James – Nope.

Voshon Lenard – Voshon put together a decent NBA career for a 2nd round pick. Played like 12 seasons. But he’s 44, too old, even for this league.

OJ Mayo – I legit can’t believe he wasn’t taken. He isn’t even 30 yet and is out of the NBA begging for a pay-day in this trash. Maybe they were worried he’d get an NBA job?

Pops Mensah-Bonsu – From England and went to George Washington University. Talk about irony.

Chris Mihm – Fun fact: White guys who aren’t Jason Williams are not allowed in the league.

Jamario Moon – The only reason people remember him is because his name is Jamario.

Lawrence Moten – Never heard of him.

Flip Murray – I think he played for the Pistons briefly.

Smush Parker – See above. Also add in a decent stint with the Lakers

Nikola Pekovic – Again, a really productive NBA player, but couldn’t stay healthy. Had a two-year stretch where he averaged nearly 17 and 9.

Isaiah Rider – I know the name, but nothing else.

Eddie Robinson – No idea.

Joe Smith – Former No. 1 overall pick in the mid-90s. He played for 12 teams over his career.

Latrell Spreewell – Played for the Knicks and once choked his coach. Both good reasons to pass on him.

Eric Snow – Really terrible player who somehow played in two NBA Finals.

Etan Thomas – Has his own website. Never averaged double-digit points in the NBA.

Tyrus Thomas – The Bulls thought he was going to be a franchise player. They were wrong.

Robert Vaden – Sounds like the name of a guy who writes crappy novels.

Hakim Warrick – Another former Syracuse star who couldn’t hack it in the NBA.

Jordan Williams – Fitting that we end on someone I have no clue about.

Wow what a list of players. Really makes you wonder where they went wrong in life if they’re trying to get drafted by the Big 3 and couldn’t even make that happen.


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