Let’s remember the time Norm MacDonald made the ESPYs watchable


The ESPYs are tonight, which means it is an extremely slow time for sports, and just another night for stars and famous athletes to hang out while everyone tells them how great they are.

If you plan on genuinely watching the ESPYs tonight, you have serious issues and may need to see a doctor. They’re boring, not funny, and generally just a waste of time as you watch athletes and teams win meaningless awards that were made by ESPN so that they can pretend they genuinely care about the athletes and teams.

Needless to say, there won’t be much excitement or drama, or really anything that will be all that memorable.

But that was not the case in 1998 when the ESPYs made the insane choice to let comedian Norm MacDonald host the award show. Norm, who has no reservations about making any kind of joke, no matter who it might offend lit the stage on fire (not literally) to open the show, making almost everyone in attendance uncomfortable in a span of about eight minutes.

Let’s watch that clip now.

There’s a Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky joke to start and it only gets worse from there. Racist jokes about former Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu, cracks about how bad the Denver Nuggets are, and a whole host of others before he darn near stops the show with an OJ Simpson murder joke.

No really, that all happened, again, in just eight minutes.

So yeah, don’t waste your time watching the ESPYs tonight, the only memorable moment in the history of the award happened 19 years ago, and you can re-watch it here as many times as you’d like.


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